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More About Brain Health
There's nothing worse than brain fog when you have important work to do. Although some people turn to a strong cup of Joe, we don't want you to have to depend on caffeine to clear the cobwebs. That's why we make it our job to provide the best brain-boosting nutrients possible. To start, we look for clinically proven formulas with ingredients that come straight from Mother Nature and undergo minimal processing.

Chock full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA, fish oil promotes better brain function and cognitive health. In addition to supporting a healthier body overall, our kelp tablets, capsules, and powders are rich in iodine, a nutrient that helps improve focus, problem solving, and motor skills. Derived from sunflower oil, phosphatidylserine boosts memory, learning, concentration, and vocabulary.

We also offer a vast supply of multi-nutrient concoctions that contain important brain boosters. Powerful plant-based ingredients like gotu kola, green tea extract, Korean ginseng, turmeric, and gingko biloba help support a vigorous nervous system and healthy brain cells. Additional nutrients that bring a brain boost include vitamin D3, glutathione, vinpocetine, acetyl-l-carnitine, and CoQ10.

We know that optimal concentration, focus, and memory are important at any age. To service the entire family, we provide brain formulas for everyone. These come from popular brands like NOW Foods, Source Naturals, Bulletproof, and many more. Grownups may prefer tablets, softgels, capsules, or liquids, but kiddos enjoy gummies and chews in flavors like grape, strawberry, lemon, and orange.