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More About Vitamin C Formulas
Vitamin C is a wellness superhero, protecting against heart disease, decreasing cholesterol, supporting the immune system, and packing powerful antioxidants just to name a few of its benefits. It may sound like a mythical elixir, but we're confident you've heard its virtues celebrated before.

Vitamin C is most often touted as a boon for the immune system — always take it before the first day of school or an airline flight, they say —  but it also benefits the body in a host of other ways. As a water-soluble vitamin, it isn't stored or made by the body, which is why supplements play an important role in helping you get your daily dose of this essential workhorse.

We've curated a wide selection of vitamin C supplements so you can take it in whatever form you prefer. Don't love to swallow capsules? Opt for chewable tablets. Worried that your kids will cringe at the idea of taking pills? Give them their daily dose in an easy-to-swallow flavored liquid or chewable gummies. Treat yourself to a vitamin C-fortified fizzy drink, or look for a timed-release capsule so that you can reap the benefits all day long. We hunt for brands that don't use artificial colors, preservatives, sugar, or other additives, so you can get what you need without the extra "stuff." With so many options, you don't have to deprive yourself of this essential vitamin.