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More About Children's Formulas
Other priorities pale in comparison to your child's wellbeing. We get it. That's why we provide plenty of children's formulas to keep kiddos healthy and happy. Whether you need multivitamins, digestive support, sleep aids, allergy products, or calming formulas, we have it all.

When busy schedules keep families dashing to and fro, proper nutrition can fall by the wayside. That's where multivitamins come in. Balanced formulas packed with essential vitamins and minerals make up for any nutrients your child may be missing. With fun flavors like blue raspberry, cherry berry, tutti frutti and bubble gum, kids look forward to taking their vitamins. A variety of preparations, including gummies, chewables, powders, and softgels, give parents and children lots of options.

More and more, scientists are discovering the importance of probiotics, the friendly bacteria that occurs naturally in the gut. Probiotics ensure a healthy digestive tract by clearing impurities, providing protection from bacteria and viruses, and enhancing the digestive process. A daily all-natural probiotic can help boost your child's infection-fighting potential.

Omega-3 gummies deliver essential fatty acids that promote brain and eye health, and fiber gummies give children a dose of daily nutrients plus the fiber they need for good digestion. Herbal remedies provide support at the first sign of a cold or when kids are restless, anxious, or irritable. Parents, grandparents, and guardians want the very best children's formulas for their little ones, so we stick with trusted, high-quality brands like Source Naturals, Herbs for Kids, Kal, Nutrition Now, L'il Critters, and many more.