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More About Calcium
Drinking milk is one way to get calcium, but this isn't the only — or even the best — way to get your daily supply of this important mineral. If loading up on dairy isn't for you, then don't worry. Our selection of calcium supplements makes it easy to get your daily dose in seconds.

Calcium is famous for the support it provides to bone and teeth structures, but it also plays other leading roles, such as aiding muscle function, nerve transmission, vascular contraction, and hormonal secretion. Simply put, your body can't do without it.

Try one of our Lucky Vitamin brand tablets that combine calcium with vitamin D-3 for a double-punch since vitamin D helps your body better absorb calcium. Alternatively, search for your favorite brand or discover something new, such as the formulas from New Chapter, Nature's Way, or Advanced Research. One-a-day tablets give you the convenience of a quick dose, while softgels that pair with each meal make it easy to remember to take your daily allotment.

Don't like the idea of a pill at all? Satisfy your sweet tooth and call it healthy with a chocolate supplement chew. And make sure you don't forget the kids. Great-tasting liquid calcium or gummy chews get them excited about their daily supplements. With our selection of calcium, it's easy for the whole family to stay healthy.