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What is Castile Soap? Plus 7 DIY Uses

Castile soap is known as being a “clean-all.” Great for cleaning any and everything, castile soap is non-toxic, natural, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, the list goes on and on.

So, next time your kitchen (and your kids!) need a good scrubbing, why not grab a bottle of castile soap? We’re sharing what exactly this miracle product is, all of its amazing uses, and DIY recipes.

What Is Castile Soap?

Castile soap is a vegetable-based cleaning agent made exclusively from, you guessed it, vegetable oils! With no synthetic preservatives or animal by-products, this soap is great for someone with skin sensitivities or someone who follows a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

Castile soap originated in Castile, Spain, hence its name. It was originally made with 100% olive oil but has since been blended with other hydrating and nourishing oils to form the soap we know and love today. Castile soap is most commonly found in a liquid, concentrated state but you will also see some bars. It comes unscented or scented with essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree.

The main difference between castile and conventional soaps is the lack of added detergents, synthetics and foaming agents. Whereas many name brand, traditional soaps add in Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (better known as SLS) to produce foam, (typically making consumers “feel” more clean because of the bubbles) castile soap has none of those nasties added in! SLS in skin and hair care products gets a bad rap because in some extreme cases, it has been known to cause irritations on the skin.

Castile Soap Uses

What can’t you use castile soap for?!

This soap is great for the face, body, hair, dishes, laundry, pets, mopping the floors, cleaning the counters, you name it, castile soap can clean it! Generally used as a multipurpose cleaner, once diluted with water you can use this powerful blend to tackle grease and grime in your kitchen, bathrooms and any other hard surfaces.

Mixed with baking soda, you now have an environmentally friendly shower scrub.

Castile soap can also be used in the laundry room for a gentler detergent. In need of an eco-friendly veggie wash? It can be transformed into that, too! Add water and castile soap into a squirt bottle, leave it by your kitchen sink and you have a homemade, non-toxic wash at your fingertips.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate this gentle soap into your skin or hair care routine, we have a ton of different options.


As a clarifying shampoo, add in 1-3 teaspoons of castile soap to a carrier oil, (such as jojoba or almond) 1 cup of water, and your favorite essential oil (might we suggest rosemary, lemon or tea tree?) and you have yourself a gentle but effective deep-cleaning ‘poo!

Body Wash

If you want to experiment and try making your own body wash, it’s great for that, too! Simply add castile soap, coconut oil, glycerin, an essential oil and your favorite moisturizing oil, like coconut or vitamin e, and you have a great smelling body wash.


If natural deodorants are your thing, but you just haven’t found the right one for your body, why not make your own with castile soap? Add castile soap in a small spray bottle with sea salt and spray away to stop the stink!

Castile Soap Benefits

Castile soap has so many great benefits! Because it is made of veggie oils, it’s all natural and naturally vegetarian and vega- friendly. It has almost no impact on the environment either because of its natural makeup. When washed down the drain, you don’t have to be concerned about upsetting the balance of the environment because castile soap contains zero synthetic ingredients.

It’s also extremely gentle on the skin (when diluted) so it’s a great alternative to chemical-laden dish soaps. It even has healing properties. Studies have shown that minor wounds can be effectively cleaned with a solution of water and castile soap, further preventing any complications or infections. And last but not least, not only is this stuff multipurpose, it is long lasting! Normally sold in a concentrated form, you are only using small amounts diluted in water; making it last an eternity.  

How to Choose the Right Castile Soap for You

If you want the best of the best, look for one with the ingredients clearly labeled with no funky words added in that you can’t pronounce. Remember, castile soap was once made up of just olive oil, so look for minimal ingredients that are vegetable-based. If you like scents, look for a soap that’s naturally scented with essential oils like peppermint, lemon, citrus and rose.

Look for words like certified organic, fair-trade, and pure so you know you’re getting the good stuff!

Where to Buy Castile Soap

You will oftentimes find castile soap in any natural grocer or health food store. It’s slowly been creeping its way into larger chain stores also, so the next time you’re grabbing your groceries from your local store, check and see if they have some available! You can also shop castile soap right here at LuckyVitamin, where we’re all about products that are good for you and the environment!

If you need even more convincing on why you should try it, see what some of our customers are saying!

So many uses. We mainly use it for cleaning (with baking soda and vinegar depending on what I’m cleaning – counters, floors, etc.) and also dilute it with water to use as a body wash. Organic and fair trade ingredients.

Great multipurpose soap. We buy the larger size and use it for everything from bathing our baby to using as a hand soap and facial wash. It is gentle, fragrance-free, and nontoxic. Worth every penny.

What an awesome product! I have used it just straight up like soap or mixed it into homemade body washes. Either way, I love that it is not harmful to my skin like so many other soaps and I love the gentle lather!


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