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7 Fall Travel Must-Haves

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You’ve planned, you’ve prepped, you’ve packed—you’re off on an amazing vacation and bam! It hits you. Whether it’s a cold, a stomach bug or just that general “blah” feeling, nothing can ruin a great trip faster than getting sick or run down. And although fall does mean pumpkin spice everything and busting out cozy sweaters and cute boots, it also means changing temperatures and the start of flu season.

“Being on the road and traveling can expose you to a wide variety of pathogens, especially during the fall when colder temperatures bring more and more people indoors,” says Genevieve Greco, a wellness consultant at LuckyVitamin and certified holistic health coach.

That’s why it’s important to think ahead and keep your own personal health mind. Because, let’s face it, pumpkin spice lattes can cure a lot, but good health starts with you.

Here are our picks for fall travel must-haves.

7 Fall Travel Must-Haves

Healthy Snacks

“Finding healthy food while traveling in airports isn’t always the easiest,” says Megan Robinson, director of operations at DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. “I try my hardest to stay away from greasy foods that make me feel tired and less energetic.” With that in mind, consider packing some healthy snacks to keep your energy up without sluggish side effects. Greco loves the convenience of collagen sticks, which can be mixed into water or a smoothie for a quick dose of protein. If you crave a good crunch, she recommends nutrient-packed seaweed snacks or high-fiber, low-carb broad beans.

Hand Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere, and while it’s not realistic to avoid them completely, it certainly doesn’t hurt to bring some hand sanitizer with you. Most travel hand sanitizers are small enough to fit inside your carry-on (and make it through security without issue), or you can skip liquid completely and grab a pack of sanitizing wipes. Not only can you use them on your hands, you can also wipe down airplane tray tables and armrests.

Elderberry Gummies

You might feel perfectly fine before and during your trip, but it never hurts to give your immune system a little pick-me-up when traveling. That’s where black elderberry gummies can make a big difference. “Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies are a tasty way to obtain black elderberry, an immune-boosting berry whose antioxidants have been shown to inhibit the replication of certain pathogens, including those that reside in the respiratory tract,” says Greco. Bonus: These gluten-free gummies also contain zinc and vitamin C to provide additional immune system support. Toss a bottle into your toiletry bag as a reminder to chew one to two gummies daily.

Reusable Water Bottle

Traveling is exciting. When your days are packed, you may easily forget to drink water. But if you slack on sipping, you may fast track yourself to dehydration station. “With all of the walking and sightseeing you’ll be doing, keeping hydrated is important,” Robinson says. Sure, you can always grab a disposable water bottle along the way, but why not go a step further and pack a reusable one? “Bring along your own water bottle and refill throughout the day,” recommends Robinson.


Even if you’re hydrating from the inside out, you don’t want to forget to hydrate from the outside in, too. “When traveling, you will often find yourself on trains, buses and planes,” says Robinson. “The air is dry, so bringing along a moisturizer is a must!” You can even throw a moisturizing spray in your purse or backpack to give your skin the drink it needs while you’re on the go.

Lip Balm

Many times, we focus so much on packing sunscreen for our skin that we forget our lips need some love, too. “I never leave home without lip balm,” says Robinson, who recommends choosing one with SPF for extra protection. Travel tip: Pack a lip balm in each of your bags so you always have one on hand.

Eye Mask

Travel days can be long and exhausting, which can lead to some serious dark circles. Between flights, luggage, reservations, etc., you’ve got enough to deal with—no need to add under-eye baggage to the list. “An under-eye mask solves this problem easily,” Robinson says. “Not only does it help prevent bags, but if it’s an iced eye mask, it will wake you right up, regardless of what time zone you’re in.”



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