Razors Buying Guide

Razors Buying Guide
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The razor is a go-to product if you’re looking for smooth, hair-free skin. But which razor? Men’s or women’s? Single or multiple blades? Disposable or electric? Our guide will help you pick the razor that will work for you. Here are some points to keep in mind when selecting a razor:

  • Women, if you notice a sudden, significant change in your body hair's texture, color, or quantity, consult your doctor. This can signal a hormone imbalance or polycystic ovarian syndrome, both of which are treatable.
  • Sharing razors can spread disease-causing bacteria and viruses, leading to infections. Never share your razor with other people.
  • To make a disposable razor last longer, rinse thoroughly after each use, remove it from the shower or sink, and allow to air dry.
  • Select a razor specifically designed to minimize discomfort or razor burn if you have sensitive skin. Use it with other sensitive skin products, such as shaving cream with Aloe vera, vitamin E, or other soothing ingredients.
  • Disposable Razors

    What they are: Disposable razors are intended to be used one to a few times before discarding. With some types, the entire razor and handle are thrown away after use. With others, only the blade portion of the razor is replaced and the handle is reused. Disposable razors come with a variety of features, including:

    • Pivoting or non-pivoting heads. Some people find a pivoting head gives a closer shave over curvy areas, such as the chin, ankles, and knees. Other people find that when the head pivots, they feel less in control of the blades. Choose whichever works best for you.
    • With or without a soothing lotion or lubrication strip. A lubrication strip can help the razor glide over sensitive areas, but some people find the strip to be sticky or gooey, which gets in the way of shaving. If you opt for a razor with a lotion strip, you may need to use less shaving cream or gel.
    • Single or multiple blades. With razors, blade quality often matters more than blade number. Higher-quality blades are sharper and have fewer imperfections in the blade’s surface, allowing for a closer shave with fewer nicks and cuts. This means that a cheaper razor with multiple blades may not give as good of a shave as a more expensive version with fewer, higher-quality blades. The most expensive disposables have both high quality and high numbers of blades. Look at the trade-off between blade quality, number, and cost to find the product that fits your budget.
    • Men’s and women’s options. Don’t let color differences between men’s and women’s razors, such as pink for women and black for men, discourage you from experimenting. Many women find that a high-quality men’s razor works best for shaving legs and underarms. And there’s nothing wrong with a man who has sensitive facial skin trying out a razor that is marketed to women.

    Why to buy: Razors are quick and easy to use. Since we tend to get better with practice, shaving is a good option for many adults who don’t have the time for waxing or hair removal gels and creams.

    Things to consider: Some people opt for cheaper razors and use them just once or twice. Others find that splurging on a more expensive disposable and using it multiple times is more economical. Look for sales or coupons on more expensive models if you want to give one a try. If you consistently have cuts and nicks, you may be using your disposable razor too many times.
  • Electric Razors

    What they are: Electric razors use multiple, rapidly rotating blades that are separated from direct contact with the skin by a thin, perforated screen. The razor is glided over the skin to cut multiple hairs at once.

    Why to buy: It is difficult to nick or cut yourself with an electric razor, making it an attractive option for many people. An electric razor may be a more environmentally friendly option because there are no plastic disposables to toss after use.

    Things to consider: The original purchase of a good quality electric razor or shaver can be expensive, but it should last for several years and most come with a warranty. For longest product life, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on frequency of replacing blades and how to clean and care for your electric razor.

    If you have your eye on a particular model, consider asking for it as a gift. This may not seem very romantic, but you can assure your loved one that you’ll be reminded of his or her generosity every single day when you use it!