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Primary Remedies


When the illness comes on quickly with high fever, a hot flushed face, and eyes that are sensitive to light, this remedy may be indicated. Shooting pains can be felt in the swollen cheek (most often the right). The person may also have a throbbing headache.

Carbo vegetabilis

When this remedy is indicated, fever may develop slowly, and the person may feel chilled and faint. The stomach may also be upset, with gas and belching. The person may want to be near a fan or window, craving fresh or moving air. This remedy may often help if testicles, ovaries, or breasts become involved in mumps, when the other symptoms fit.

Mercurius solubilis

This remedy can be helpful if hard, painful swelling of the salivary glands occurs below the chin, as well as in the cheeks, along with a large amount of salivation. The person is very sensitive to temperature changes. Offensive breath, swollen lymph nodes, and perspiration during sleep are also seen.


Although this remedy is known for many kinds of children’s illnesses, it can also be very helpful when adults come down with the mumps. Discomfort and swelling may be felt in the ovaries, breasts, or testicles. The person feels worse from warmth and in the evening and better from open air. Despite a fever, thirst is often low. A person who needs this remedy usually is emotional, wanting lots of sympathy and comforting.

Other Remedies

Aconitum napellus

This remedy may be indicated in mumps if the fever comes on suddenly and the person is very agitated. Stabbing or tingling pain can be felt in the jaw or face. The person feels worse from warmth and better from fresh air, and is often very thirsty.

Apis mellifica

When this remedy is indicated, the face looks puffy, pink, and tender, and cool compresses are soothing. Even with fever, thirst is usually low. The person is irritable, disliking interference.

Arsenicum album

Strong anxiety and restlessness despite a feeling of exhaustion suggest a need for this remedy. The head may feel hot and the rest of the body chilly. This remedy is sometimes helpful in preventing complications involving the ovaries or testicles.


This remedy is indicated when the person feels worse from any motion. Hard, tender swelling is felt in the cheek, and fever may be accompanied by headache. The person’s mouth feels dry, with thirst for long cold drinks. Bryonia may be helpful if the swelling abruptly disappears, but the person feels worse in general.

Calcarea carbonica

This remedy often helps during the mumps if the person’s head perspires during sleep, the hands and feet feel cold and damp, and lymph nodes are also swollen. A person who needs this remedy often feels anxious and is easily fatigued. Children may feel hot, but adults tend to be chilly.


This remedy may be useful if swelling of the parotid gland is sore and tight, or if the breasts or other glands are becoming painful and swollen. The person may feel tired, dizzy, and sore all over. Relief may come from drinking something cold, but the person is better from warmth in general.

Rhus toxicodendron

When swelling of the cheek looks reddish and the person feels achy, restless, and driven to get up and move around, this remedy may be helpful. Stiffness and aching are relieved by warmth and motion. This remedy may also help to prevent infection with the mumps, and should be considered if older children or adults have been exposed.

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