Eye Strain and Eye Injuries

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Other Remedies

Aconitum napellus

This remedy may bring relief when foreign matter gets into the eye and causes irritation. The person feels fearful and agitated — with eye pain, heavy watering, and heightened sensitivity to light.

Apis mellifica

This remedy can be helpful if the eyelids and surrounding areas get very puffy and tender, with burning or stinging pain that cold applications partially relieve. Apis can also be useful after overexposure to very bright light (looking at snow in bright sunlight or sun reflecting off the water for long periods, driving into the sun, etc.) when the eyes feel sore and oversensitive.

Argentum nitricum

Aching from overuse or detailed work, relieved by closing the eyes or pressing on them, suggests a need for this remedy. The muscles around the eyes feel weak and the person is unable to keep them focused and steady. The whites or corners often look inflamed. Being in an overheated room may aggravate the symptoms.


This remedy can bring relief to a person with a bruised, sore feeling in the eyes after closely-focused work or from looking into the distance (sightseeing, watching movies, etc. ) The person may feel a need to keep the eyes open, getting dizzy when closing them.

Kali phosphoricum

This remedy can be helpful when exhaustion from illness, overwork, or stress has led to eyestrain. The eyes feel very tired and the vision seems blurred and weak. A person who needs this remedy often startles easily and is oversensitive to light.

Kalmia latifolia

Great stiffness felt in the eyes and eyelids, worse when moving the eyes, suggests a need for this remedy. The vision may seem to be impaired or weak. A person who needs this remedy may also have nerve pains in the face and teeth, or joint and muscle stiffness that shifts from place to place.

Natrum muriaticum

This remedy may be useful if extended periods of reading or doing schoolwork have led to a weak, bruised feeling in the eyes. The muscles around the eyeballs can feel weak and stiff, and the letters on a page may appear to run together. The eyelids feel heavy, and the person may be inclined toward headaches.

Ruta graveolens

This remedy relieves strained ligaments and tendons, including the small ligaments of the eyes.


This is an important remedy when the eyeball has been bruised or injured by a blow from a blunt object (for example a tool-handle, baseball, or rock). Injuries to the eyeball can be serious, and should always be examined by a doctor.

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