Precycling: A Better Way to Go Green

Precycling: A Better Way to Go Green: Main Image
Reducing the need to recycle by making better choices before waste is created

People looking for creative new ways to tread ever more lightly the Earth, have coined a helpful new phrase: “precycling,“ which is the practice of reducing the need to recycle by making better choices before waste is created.  

In the overview on their website, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation emphasizes that precycling is an essential step in reducing total waste. Their recommendations include:  

  • Stopping waste before it happens 
  • Reducing the amount of waste we produce
  • Buying in the bulk food section
  • Bringing your own canvas or reusable bags to the store
  • Looking for concentrates
  • Buying larger sizes of products

Getting the hang of it

Some good precycling products include: 

  • Ultra concentrated laundry detergents
  • Plastic bags made from biodegradable, recycled plastics
  • Flushable and compostable disposable diapers
  • Products that have less packaging  

Hint: Avoid single-serve items and instead break up snacks in your own reusable baggies or containers.

More to explore

So, for a greener world, try taking a precycling approach to your shopping, cooking, and disposal habits. For more green inspiration, check out these articles: 

 (Source: NY Department of Environmental Conservation:; accessed 04/18/2009)

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