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Aubrey Organics - Intensive Hair Repair Conditioning Mask With Blue Green Algae - 4 oz.
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  • Biodegradable

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Aubrey Organics - Intensive Hair Repair Conditioning Mask With Blue Green Algae - 4 oz.

For All Hair Types
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Aubrey Organics - Intensive Hair Repair Conditioning Mask With Blue Green Algae - 4 oz.

  • Item# :56512
    UPC# :749985048019
  • Brand:Aubrey Organics
  • Size/Form:4  oz.
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Aubrey Organics - Intensive Hair Repair Conditioning Mask With Blue Green Algae - 4 oz. (118 ml)

Aubrey Organics Intensive Hair Repair Conditioning Mask With Blue Green Algae is an ultra-conditioning organic mask that combines protein-rich blue green algae with powerful emollients to leave dehydrated, brittle hair soft, lustrous and easy to style. Aubrey Organics Intensive Hair Repair Conditioning Mask With Blue Green Algae is ideal for chemically treated or damaged hair.

Features Benefits
Organic Blue Algae Nourishes hair with protein and amino acids
Organic Aloe & Olive Fruit Oil Rehydrate hair fiber
Mango Shea Butter & Organic Shea Butter Smooth and moisturize

  • Ultra-Conditioning Mask
  • For All Hair Types
  • Leaves Hair Soft, Lustrous and Easy to Style
  • NSF Certified
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Contents Biodegradable
  • Contains 70% Organic Ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why doesn't Aubrey use hydrosols in their products?
They do. Hydrosols are found in many of Aubrey's formulas-witch hazel and lavender water are two examples. A hydrosol (also known as floral water) is the condensation collected after an essential oil is extracted from plant materials through the use of steam. While many hydrosols are very beneficial, they are mostly water with a small amount of plant material. There's nothing wrong with water; water is an excellent hydrator, and is essential to the proper formulating of shampoos and conditioners. The problem arises when manufacturers add "organic hydrosols"-hydrosols made from the distillation of organic plant materials-as a main ingredient in their products. Using these organic hydrosols allows manufacturers to claim that their product has a high percentage of organic ingredients, when in reality one of the main "organic" ingredients is mostly water with an undetermined amount of organic plant material. Unfortunately, there are no standards as to how much plant material an "organic hydrosol" should contain. Aubrey chooses to use hydrosols widely, but NOT to boost the organic percentage of an organic product. Instead Aubrey uses organic whole-plant liquids such as aloe vera and orange pith juice, which preserve the synergy of the whole plant.

Q: What does "certified organic" mean?
"Certified organic" means that an independent agency accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has verified that products labeled as "organic" meet strictly defined organic standards, as specified by the National Organic Program (NOP). Both individual products and manufacturing facilities must be certified organic to allow labeling of products as organic or containing organic ingredients. Aubrey was certified as an organic processor in October 1994 by Quality Assurance International of San Diego, California, the first cosmetic manufacturer to be certified organic.

Aubrey is also a member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA). The NOP was scrupulously crafted to have jurisdiction over agricultural products used in foods, and has stringent standards for processed foods. The NOP also has jurisdiction over agricultural ingredients (such as jojoba oil and aloe vera) used in personal care products, assuring consumers that those ingredients are produced without pesticides or herbicides and are processed without chemicals. Aubrey is a founding member of the OTA's Personal Care Task Force, which was formed to review the NOP Standards as they apply to the manufacturing of personal care products. Aubrey advocates strong standards for organic cosmetics-including no petrochemicals, no synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives, and no water-added ingredients.

Q: What is Aubrey's preservative?
Aubrey has been using this proprietary blend of grapefruit extract and antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E) since the mid-1970s to preserve their natural products. The remarkable powers of grapefruit seed extract as an antimicrobial and antifungal were first discovered by Dr. Jakob Harich. Aubrey's formula is a safe, reliable, all-natural preservation system. Aubrey's products also stay fresh because they manufacture in small batches of 50 gallons or less and refrain from warehousing.

Q: Why are different bottles of the same product sometimes different in color, scent or texture?
Natural ingredients are not standardized and uniformly mass-produced the way synthetic ones can be. Herbs and other ingredients harvested from different farms at different times will look or feel different when used in a product. Heat or cold conditions during shipping can cause products to become thicker or thinner, and temperature can also affect color or scent. Aubrey formulates in small batches to ensure product purity and stability.

Q: I've noticed that some of Aubrey's products separate. Is this a problem?
Aubrey uses no synthetic emulsifiers to bind the oil and water phases of their products. Occasionally some separation does occur; you'll open the product and see an oily or watery layer at the top. This does not mean the product is spoiled, nor does separation lessen the product's effectiveness. The problem is easily corrected by following the instructions you see on the label: Shake Well Before Using.

Q: What is the shelf life of Aubrey products?
The shelf life of products varies. Products are sealed to help prevent contamination and leakage. Small batches and quick shipment ensure freshness; however, opened products should be used within a year for best results. Short-term exposure to extreme temperature changes can affect the thickness and texture of products, resulting in possible separation; however, the freshness of the product is not compromised. Shaking and/or refrigerating products can restore consistency. Long-term exposure of products to sunlight and/or heat should be avoided because the resulting oxidation may affect freshness.

Q: Does Aubrey make any products that are hypoallergenic?
Hypoallergenic is a marketing term that refers to products formulated without the use of known allergens. Aubrey formulations are 100% natural and leave out many known allergens. Aubrey does not claim that their products are hypoallergenic because not every person will react the same way to the same product. However, Aubrey's Vegecol (type 6) skin care line is excellent for people with sensitive skin.

Q: Does Aubrey offer any fragrance-free products?
Aubrey adds no artificial fragrances or colors to their products. What your nose and eyes perceive when you open a bottle of shampoo or moisturizer is the natural scent and color of the plant and essential oil extracts used in it. Synthetic fragrances and colors often added to cosmetics can be powerful allergens. That's why most people with strong sensitivities fare better with Aubrey's all-natural products. Even essential oils and herbs can cause sensitivities, but if you are prone to allergic reactions, try Aubrey's Vegecol (type 6) line for sensitive skin. These very simple formulas are formulated with low-scent herbals and are specially created for persons with sensitivities. The mildest, lightest-scented hair care formulas Aubrey's makes are their Swimmer's Normalizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Q: Why does Aubrey use natural grain alcohol (NGA) in their products? What is the source? Will it dry out my hair and skin?
Natural grain alcohol (ethanol), a liquid solvent alcohol, is naturally obtained through the fermenting of carbohydrates from grain (corn) and does not contain gluten (a common allergen). NGA has antiseptic, sedative and blood vessel dilation properties, and acts as an effective preservative booster and binding agent, as well as an astringent in toners. NGA, emollients and herbal extracts used proportionately in formulation ensure that products will not cause dryness or sensitivity to the user. NGA is gentle on the skin, hair and scalp, unlike isopropyl alcohol, which is produced from petrochemicals.

Q: What is a proprietary blend?
This is a combination of ingredients-a recipe, if you will-that a company owns and uses under exclusive legal right of the inventor. It can be protected by patent or copyright as to name, product, composition or process of manufacture.

Q: What are essential fatty acids?
Fatty acids and glycerin are the building blocks of fats and oils from both plants and animals. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as linoleic and linolenic acids cannot be manufactured by the body and must be consumed in the diet. EFAs are utilized by the body in practically every biochemical function, including the production of sebum, the skin's natural oil. Applied topically, EFAs are readily absorbed by the skin. They are excellent emollients that not only improve the absorption of Aubrey's moisturizers and conditioners, but also have antibacterial properties that help protect the skin, hair and scalp. They are found in many unprocessed oils, especially safflower and flax seed oils.

Q: What is a fatty alcohol?
Some of the most common fatty alcohols are cetyl, lauryl, oleyl and stearyl fatty alcohols. Solid alcohols are made from fatty acids. They are superb natural emollients, not to be confused with liquid solvent-type alcohols. Cetyl and stearyl alcohols help keep the hair and scalp's natural moisture from evaporating. Cetyl alcohol was first derived from the oil of sperm whales; it is also widely produced from petroleum oil. Aubrey only uses cetyl alcohol from natural vegetable sources-coconut and palm oils.

Q: What are fatty acids esters?
Esterification of a fatty acid is a condensation reaction in which a molecule of acid unites with a molecule of alcohol with the elimination of water. Fatty acid esters can be very beneficial in cosmetic formulas. Two examples in nature of substances rich in fatty acid esters are jojoba oil and human sebum.

Q: Are Aubrey products vegan?
Most Aubrey products are vegan: that is, they contain no ingredients derived from animals. Aubrey marks these products with a vegan label so concerned customers will know. A few of Aubrey's hair care products contain lactalbumin (a milk protein), glycoprotein (derived from oyster shells), lanolin or egg protein. These ingredients work well in hair care, but Aubrey also offers vegan alternatives using plant-derived proteins in most of their hair care products. In Aubrey's skin care line, Vegecol is a vegetable collagen moisturizer formulated as a vegan alternative to Collagen TCM, a dermal protein moisturizer.

Q: Do Aubrey products have expiration dates?
As required by the FDA, Aubrey put an expiration date on all products containing an SPF. The SPF products are given an expiration date of two years from the date of manufacture. Aubrey recommends that an SPF product be used within six months of opening and exposing to light and heat. Personal care products without an SPF do not need to have an expiration date.

Q: Is Aubrey's packaging recyclable?
Most of Aubrey's packaging is easily recyclable. Aubrey's bottles and tubes are made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a widely recyclable plastic, and are coded on the bottom. Aubrey aims for minimal packaging whenever possible-using outside packaging (such as boxes) only when extra protection is needed. Aubrey's boxes, too, are made from recyclable cardboard. Aubrey prints catalogs and other material on 100% recycled paper.

Aubrey Organics' Certifications

NSF/ANSI 305 Seal
NSF/ANSI 305 is a third-party regulatory standard for organic personal care products. In order to meet the standard and make the "contains organic ingredients" claim, the product must contain 70% or more certified organic ingredients by weight, and meet all other NSF/ANSI guidelines. Production methods are also routinely audited by QAI (Quality Assurance International) auditors who tour the facilities and ensure that all processes meet the required standards. Aubrey sells an extensive list of products that meet the NSF/ANSI 305 organic certification, all of which are clearly marked with the seal.

Natural Products Association Seal
Aubrey was the first natural cosmetic manufacturer to have a complete makeup line certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA). In 2008, the NPA established the first and only national standard for natural personal care products. The NPA certification and official seal are awarded to personal care products that meet their strict definition of natural, and are designed to help consumers identify truly natural products and make an informed decision.

Founded in 1936, the NPA is the largest non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to the natural products industry.

QAI - Quality Assurance International
In 1994 Aubrey became the first personal care company to be certified as an organic processor by Quality Assurance International of San Diego, CA. Aubrey's Tampa, Florida, manufacturing plant is regularly inspected and has been certified as a facility where organic ingredients are handled to US Dept. of Agriculture's National Organic Program standards.

Aubrey is committed to using premium natural and organic ingredients-and the list of certified organic herbs and plant extracts you'll find in their products keeps growing. Aubrey believes this is the best way to tell their customers just how natural they really are.

BDIH - Certified Natural Cosmetics
In 2004 Aubrey became the first U.S. company to bear the BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics seal. BDIH stands for Germany's prestigious Federation of German Industries and Trading Firms for Medicines, Natural Products, Food Supplements and Body Care (Bundesverband Deutscher Industrie und Handelsunternehmen für Arzneimittel, Reformwaren, Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und Körperpflege, or BDIH in German).

Based in Mannheim, Germany, the BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetic seal was created in 1996 to establish strict guidelines for the manufacture of natural cosmetics. Only companies using the finest, plant-based ingredients and ecologically responsible manufacturing practices can be BDIH certified. Aubrey is proud to display the BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetic seal in its European labels.

USDA Organic Certification
A number of Aubrey's products have been certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program, and carry the USDA Organic seal. Aubrey is committed to using as many organic ingredients as possible in our natural products.

Leaping Bunny - Cruelty-Free
All Aubrey products carry the "leaping bunny" logo, the internationally recognized symbol for "cruelty-free" cosmetics. Established by the Coalition for Consumer Information in Cosmetics (CCIC), a group of eight national animal protection organizations, the leaping bunny represents a single, comprehensive standard. Whenever you see this logo, you can be sure neither the product, nor any of its ingredients has been tested on animals.

For more than 40 years, Aubrey has been a vocal opponent of animal testing. Aubrey has never tested on animals, and they never will.

About Aubrey Organics

Aubrey's Philosophy
They believe in innovation and tradition. By combining the wisdom of ancient herb lore with the latest technologies, Aubrey Organics offers health-conscious consumers the best of both worlds. Their science-based formulas contain many key ingredients backed by clinical trials, and the herbals and plant extracts you’ll find in their products have a history of safe human use that dates back hundreds of years.

They strive to lead by example. Aubrey Organics buys only the purest, natural and organic ingredients from fair trade sources and use them in handcrafted, all natural products that are good for you and for the earth. They have actively participated in creating industry standards and have obtained all available certifications in natural personal care. In 1994, their Tampa, Florida, plant became the first personal care manufacturer to be certified as an organic processor, a facility where organic ingredients are handled to USDA National Organic Program standards. Their plant is regularly inspected by Quality Assurance International and is shown to adhere to strict organic standards year after year.

They are committed to education and transparency. Aubrey Organics is certain that knowledge is the greatest tool. The more you know about their products and ingredients, the more likely you’ll be to make an informed choice—and they are positive you’ll choose Aubrey.

They support environmental sustainability and community initiatives. In fact, community is at the heart of who Aubrey Organics is and what they do. They value the relationships they have with their retailers, vendors, partners, and clients – and of course, with the people behind their natural products: the hardworking and dedicated Aubrey staff.

They are a cruelty-free company – always have been. Aubrey Organics doesn't believe in animal testing and have worked hard to promote a culture of respect for the earth and all its inhabitants, no matter how small. They believe in giving back to the planet with clean, environmentally responsible products created in harmony with nature and the one world we share.

Aubrey's Mission
Aubrey Organics' mission is to continue their long legacy of quality and purity, to connect people with nature and to lead by example.

Aubrey's Vision
Aubrey's vision is to be the earth's most respected leader in personal care products for health and environmentally conscious consumers.

Aubrey's Founder
A pioneer in natural hair and skin care, Aubrey Hampton paved the way for a fledging natural products industry in the 1960s by making plant-based, synthetic-free personal care products on his own terms. Today his hair, skin and body care line is sold all over the world, but his connection to natural ingredients goes back to his father's organic farm in southern Indiana, where his mother made her own herbal beauty products at home.

A phytochemist and herbalist, he founded Aubrey Nature Labs in 1967 with just two products — Relax-R-Bath and GPB Hair Conditioner — simple beginning he quickly grew into the multi-national, multi-million dollar company that bears his name. Through the years Aubrey created over 200 hair, skin and body care products, which are internationally recognized as the most natural herbal products available. Nearly every health food store in the United States and Canada carries his products, which are also sold throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

Aubrey's list of "firsts" in the industry is impressive. He was first to use coconut fatty acids in hair and skin care; first to formulate cosmetic products with jojoba oil, evening primrose, blue chamomile, Rosa Mosqueta and Matcha green tea; first to develop a natural preservative with citrus extract and vitamins A, C and E; and the first cosmetic manufacturer to be certified as an organic processor (in 1994).

A dedicated animal rights activist, Aubrey was strongly committed to operating a cruelty-free company, a commitment that continues at our company to this day. In 1990 he was named "Activist of the Year" by the Culture and Animals Foundation for his work against animal testing.

He was the author of many best-selling health and beauty books, including Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care (now in its sixth printing), What's in Your Cosmetics, and The Take Charge Beauty Book (co-authored with his late wife, Susan Hussey). An award-winning playwright, he published two books of plays, GBS & Company and Wolf Trilogy, and was co-founder of the Gorilla Theatre, in Tampa, FL. He was founder and publisher of Organica, an arts and environmental publication with 70,000 readers nationwide.

Aubrey passed away on May 9, 2011, after a brief illness, but his essential work continues. At Aubrey Organics, Inc. we strive to carry on his important legacy with natural, environmentally sound products that reflect Aubrey Hampton's philosophy, personal values and commitment to the earth.

What Aubrey Does
At Aubrey they believe great ingredients make great products. This is the simple philosophy at the heart of the pioneering personal care company Aubrey Hampton founded over 40 years ago. Since the very beginning, the high standards Aubrey set for themselves have not changed. Aubrey uses only the finest herbal, plant extracts and natural vitamins in all of their products. You will find no paraben preservatives, no petrochemicals, no artificial colors or fragrances of any kind. Today, Aubrey remains committed to making healthy, natural products based on herbal traditions that, in many cases, date back thousands of years. Aubrey believes that everything they know about hair and skin care they learned from nature first.

How Aubrey Does It
All products at Aubrey are creatively designed to work in harmony with nature. This fine balance of performance and nature is truly an art and a little science.

Next comes the sourcing of ingredients. Aubrey will accept only the highest quality and purest of ingredients from around the world. Each ingredient is tested to ensure it meets Aubrey's high standards for purity and efficacy.

Aubrey then mixes their products the old-fashioned way, by hand (as you might in your kitchen). Every product is handcrafted in small batches of 50 gallons or less for greater quality control. And there is always a watchful set of eyes during the manufacturing phase.

Remember, there is nothing to be found in an Aubrey product that does not come from nature.

Aubrey's Commitment
Aubrey's commitment to people is profound. Aubrey believes that they are truly citizens of the world and accept the responsibilities that accompany that. Aubrey works with farm communities, suppliers and businesses from around the world. It might be by sponsoring organic agriculture in Honduras, overseeing the development of herbs in Japan, or explaining the importance of organic farming techniques in Ghana.

At the same time, Aubrey understands and believes that charity begins at home. Aubrey is greatly tied into their local community. It all starts with their employees. Aubrey believes in fair pay, safe working conditions and uses an ethical approach when handling all issues. All their employees are important, have a voice, and are listened to. The smallest of suggestions could lead to the largest discoveries.

Aubrey supports many charities, whether it is an AIDS hostel in Vancouver, Canada, or a homeless shelter in downtown Tampa. Aubrey does not discriminate. Aubrey is actively engaged in and supports the performing arts and encourages participation.

Aubrey believes the best accomplishment of a successful organization is to make the world a little better, cleaner and brighter for tomorrow's people.

Aubrey's commitment to the Earth is not new. They have lived this commitment heart and soul for over 40 years now. It is nothing new to them, and certainly not a trend or a bandwagon we recently jumped on. It is, and has always been Aubrey's way of life.

Aubrey's purpose is to leave the Earth in better shape than it is today. From the all-natural ingredients in their products, to the biodegradable, recyclable and recycled packaging they use, Aubrey is careful to a fault. Profit is never the overriding factor in Aubrey's packaging or ingredient decision-making. Aubrey uses sustainable, plant-based ingredients in all of their products. Aubrey never uses petrochemicals or other non-sustainable ingredients. All their print materials are produced on recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. From start to finish, Aubrey understands the importance of the product life cycle. The final disposition of a product is as important as its inception. All of their formulations are biodegradable.

Aubrey wholeheartedly supports sustainable, natural and/or organic farming techniques. Aubrey always sources certified organic ingredients whenever possible without concern for cost.

Aubrey understands that future generations are counting on them to be stewards of the Earth. Aubrey needs to provide for them a clean, safe and non-toxic world where all can live in health and happiness. One cannot exist without the other! Aubrey will do everything in their power to honor this commitment.

Aubrey is a value-based organization. Aubrey believes that a company can conduct business in an ethical and enlightened manner and be successful, and they are determined to set an example. Aubrey believes that competition and fair play are at the heart of success. Corporate greed has no place in today's business environment. Aubrey lives by these rules everyday and encourages all to follow in the same footsteps.

Aubrey's Values are Their Guide To:

  • Fair trade
  • Fair play
  • Fair treatment of employees
  • Fair treatment of partners
  • Integrity
  • Humanity & nature - it is One World
  • Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Transparency
  • Education
  • And much more…

After shampooing, apply to damp hair, working from scalp to ends. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse well. Use once or twice a week as needed.

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, aqua, cetyl alcohol (from coconut), brassicyl isoleucinate esylate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil*, brassica alcohol, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*, mangifera indica (mango) seed butter, glyceryl caprylate, aphanizomenon flos-aquae powder* (blue green algae), tocopherol (vitamin E), gluconolactone, arginine, fragrance**, citrus grandis (grapefruit) extract, glycerin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sodium benzoate.

*Organic **Natural isolate blend sourced from essential oils

4419 N. Manhattan Avenue
Tampa, FL,
Phone: 800-282-7394 Fax: 813-876-8166 Visit website

About Aubrey Organics

All Aubrey Organics products are completely natural, made with herbals, essential oils and natural vitamins. No synthetic chemicals of any kind are ever found in any of their formulas. The company uses liquid coconut oil in their soaps and shampoos and coconut fatty acids and essential fatty acids in their creams and lotions. Also with a natural preservative of citrus seed and vitamins A, C and E. All of their formulas are formulated and hand-crafted in small batches in their Tampa, FL, manufacturing plant. To date, they offer more than 140 hair, skin and bodycare products that carry the Aubrey Organics guarantee: 100% natural and never tested on animals. Made in the USA.

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By (Middletown , RI )

Must say it didn´t do the magic for me... Love the smell though!

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By (Silver Spring , MD )

Note: My hair is a mixture of medium and coarse strands, and I wear it naturally curly. This product is high in vegetable-based protein, so **be sure that works with your hair type**. Most people with coarse hair should avoid using protein-based products more than once a month. I got this info from the Live Curly, Live Free salon, so it's not my personal recommendation. This is a wonderful product for strengthening my hair. Even though my hair is coarse, this type of protein works for me. I use this once a month to repair my hair's weak spots. Already, after two uses, it's made my hair much stronger than it was before. I do follow the directions and apply it to my dry hair as a pre-shampoo treatment. I found that it's best to use a deep conditioner after shampooing when you use this. Also, my hair is a few inches past my shoulders, but I need almost the whole jar for one use.

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By (Philadelphia , PA )

Great I love this product!

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I have relaxed hair and this made my hair sooooooooo soft. Absolutely will not be without it. Goes on before you wash, looks yucky but results are yummy!

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