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Super Nutrition - Anti-Aging Potency Multivitamin Men - 90 Tablets
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  • Ingredients
  • 100% Natural
    100% Natural

    Ingredients extracted from plants and animals and contains nothing synthetic.

  • Biodegradable

    Waste that can be broken down into its base compounds in a short amount of time.

  • Chemical-Free

    Produced without the use of artificial chemicals.

  • Companies For a Cause
    Companies For a Cause

    Organizations that give back and donate a portion of sales to charitable organizations.

  • GMP Certified
    GMP Certified

    Good Manufacturing Practices are recognized for their management of manufacturing and quality.

  • Low Glycemic
    Low Glycemic

    Directly marked by the manufacturer as a food that does not raise blood sugar levels.

  • Made in the USA
    Made in the USA

    Allows the dollars spent on USA products to remain in the economy.

  • Artificial Colors Free
    Artificial Colors Free

    Contains no artificial or synthetic colors.

  • Non-Hydrogenated Oils
    Non-Hydrogenated Oils

    Does not contain any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

  • Phthalate-Free

    Product do not contain chemical plasticizers or harmful phthalates.

  • Plant Based
    Plant Based

    Contains no meat, fish, butter, milk, eggs, cheese, gelatin, or other animal by-product.

  • rBGH-Free

    Does not contain the genetically engineered growth hormone injected into dairy cows.

  • SLS-Free

    Free of all sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent that produces bubbles.

  • Yeast-Free

    Products marked yeast-free do not contain any yeast.

  • Dairy-Free

    Contains no milk or any milk-derived sources such as butter, yogurt, sour cream, heavy cream, and all types of cheese.

  • Eco Friendly
    Eco Friendly

    Products that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment.

  • Egg-Free

    Do not contain any eggs or egg byproducts.

  • Gluten-Free

    Excludes any ingredient that is a gluten-containing grain including wheat, barley, rye and triticale.

  • HypoAllergenic

    Products cause fewer allergic reactions than other products.

  • Lactose-Free

    Do not contain the natural sugar found in milk and milk products.

  • Cruelty Free
    Cruelty Free

    Guarantees that no animal testing is conducted or commissioned for finished products and that no ingredients are derived from animals.

  • Nut-Free

    Contains no nuts and is not manufactured in a facility that processes nuts of any kind.

  • Organic

    USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines.

  • Paraben-Free

    Free of esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid that acts as a preservative.

  • Soy-Free

    Soy-free products do not contain soybeans or any other forms of soy.

  • Sugar-Free

    Products less than .5 grams of sugar per serving and are usually sweetened with a sugar substitute.

  • Vegetarian

    Excludes all meat products and any meat derivatives, but can include eggs, dairy and other animal-sourced foods.

  • Wheat-Free

    Wheat-free products contain no wheat or ingredients derived from wheat.

  • Fish/Shellfish Free
    Fish/Shellfish Free

    Does not contain any ingredients from made from crustaceans and mollusks.

  • Tree-Nut Free
    Tree-Nut Free

    Does not contain include almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, filberts/hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts.

  • Aspartame Free
    Aspartame Free

    Does not contain man-made, synthetic sweetener found in most sugar-free gums, beverages, and candies.

  • Artificial Sweeteners Free
    Artificial Sweeteners Free

    Does not contain sugar substitutes found in many sugar-free foods.

  • Preservatives Free
    Preservatives Free

    Does not contain any additional chemical compounds to prevent decomposition.

  • Artificial Flavors Free
    Artificial Flavors Free

    Free of synthetic essences or extractives which contain the flavoring constituents.

  • Low Sodium
    Low Sodium

    Products contain 140 milligrams of sodium per serving.

  • Solvent Free
    Solvent Free

    Products have a bio base, such as pine or citrus, and are low in volatile organic compounds.

  • Paraffin Free
    Paraffin Free

    Does not contain the waxy substance obtained from distillates of wood, coal, petroleum, or shale.

  • Low Calorie
    Low Calorie

    Products contains 120 calories or less per 100 grams.

  • Hexane Free
    Hexane Free

    Free of the colorless flammable liquid alkane derived from petroleum and used as a solvent.

  • Trans-Fat Free
    Trans-Fat Free

    A food product has less than 0.5 grams trans-fat per serving.

  • Propylene Glycol Free
    Propylene Glycol Free

    Does not contain the colorless, viscous liquid used in antifreeze solutions, in hydraulic fluids, and as a solvent.

  • Triclosan Free
    Triclosan Free

    Free of a phenyl ether derivative used especially as a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent.

  • Aluminum-Free

    Does not contain this metal that can easily accumulate in your body, and is associated with neural issues.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free
    Artificial Fragrance Free

    Products do not contain synthetic wastes derived from petrochemicals.

  • Talc-Free

    Does not contain hydrous magnesium silicate, is a toxic ingredient similar to asbestos.

  • Corn Free
    Corn Free

    Product ingredients do not include corn or any products derived from corn.

  • Starch Free
    Starch Free

    Does not contain polysaccharides or carbohydrates consisting of a large number of glucose units.

  • Peanut Free
    Peanut Free

    Food does not contain peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil or any derivative of peanuts.

  • Artificial Dye Free
    Artificial Dye Free

    Products free of synthetic food dye, food coloring, FD&C Red No. 40, or Tartrazine (a.k.a. Yellow No. 5).

  • Toxin Free
    Toxin Free

    Free of harmful chemicals that pose a risk to both human health and the environment.

  • Low Cholesterol
    Low Cholesterol

    Product contains 20mg cholesterol or less per serving.

  • Low Carb
    Low Carb

    Directly marked by the manufacturer as containing a low amount of carbohydrates.

Super Nutrition - Anti-Aging Potency Multivitamin Men - 90 Tablets

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Super Nutrition - Anti-Aging Potency Multivitamin Men - 90 Tablets

  • Item# :134451
    UPC# :033739002786
  • Brand:Super Nutrition
  • Size/Form:90  Tablets
  • Ship Weight:0.45
  • Servings:15
  • Dosage:6  Tablet(S)

Super Nutrition - Anti-Aging Potency Multivitamin Men - 90 Tablets

Super Nutrition Anti-Aging Potency Multivitamin Men Slows Unnecessary Premature Aging. Antiaging potencies can get you so healthy that you just naturally live longer. Enough Vitamin E can slow your celluar aging by 58%. Enough Calcium can actually regrown bone. Enough Vitamin D can extend your potential lifespan by 5 years. 

  • Slows Unnecessary Premature Aging - Antiaging potencies can get you so healthy that you just naturally live longer. Enough Vitamin E can slow your celluar aging by 58%. Enough Calcium can actually regrown bone. Enough Vitamin D can extend your potential lifespan by 5 years.
  • Flexible - Take one tablet for essential daily nutrition or all six for the optimal antiagaing effects. You get the highest vitamin ptencies at the lowest nutrient cost of any multivitamin in the world.
  • Balanced - Their Antiaging potencies are biochemically balanced to help reduce the possibilty of premature aging form nutritional defciencies and lifestyle stresses.

The Niacin Flush - safe, beneficial & invigorating
SuperNutrition uses niacin because it is the more active form of vitamin B3. For some people, taking niacin may result in a "niacin skin flush." This niacin flush may result in a warm, tingling, reddening of the skin (not to be confused with a rash). The niacin flush can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour and may be followed by a slight passing chill. Tablets can be taken on an empty stomach; however, if taken with food, the possibility of a niacin flush may be reduced. Taking more than one capsule at a time increases the possibility of a niacin flush.

SuperNutrition - Family Owned and Operated
SuperNutrition is a family owned and operated multi-vitamin company founded in 1977 and located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They strive to bring you the most effective and comprehensive multi-vitamin formulas bc we are passionate about significantly improving people's health.

Suggested Use

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Take 2 tablets after each meal three times per day.


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Super Nutrition - Anti-Aging Potency Multivitamin Men - 90 Tablets
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 6 Tablets
Servings Per Container: 15
Amount Per Serving %DV
Vitmain A (Palmitate) 7000IU 140%
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg 1667%
Vitamin D (Vitmain D3) 4000IU 1000%
Vitamin E (natural Vitamin E Succinate) 400IU 1334%
Vitamin K1 (Phtonadione) 120mcg 150%
Thiamine (Vitmain B1) 175mg 11668%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 115mg 6766%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin - Two-Stage, Low Flush) 300mg 1500%
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 250mg 12501%
Folic Acid 1200mcg 300%
Cyanocobalamin 1200mcg 20000%
Biotin (d-Biotin) 600mcg 200%
Pantothenic Acid (From Calcium Pantothenate) 350mg 3500%
Calcium (Carbonate & Citrate) 800mg 80%
Iron (Ferrous Carbonyl)* 40mg 222%
Iodine (From Kelp) 225mcg 150%
Magnesium (Oxide & Glycinate) 700mg 175%
Zinc (Oxide & Citrate) 40mg 267%
Selenium (Sodium Selenite) 250mcg 357%
Copper (Glycinate) 2.5mg 125%
Manganese (Sulfate & Citrate) 10mg 501%
Chromium (Polynicotinate & Picolinate) 200mcg 167%
Molybdenum (Trioxide) 100mcg 134%
Potassium (Chloride & Succinate) 99mg 3%
Other Ingredients
Bioflavonids (from Citrus) 100mg *
Boron (From Krebs Cycle Boron) 3mg *
Beta Carotene 3000IU *
Inositol 125mg *
Rutin (from Eucalyptus 30mg *
Hesperidin (from Citrus) 40mg *
Betaine (HCL) 100mg *
L-Glutamine 100mg *
Octacosanol (From Spinach) 2000mcg *
PABA (Para_Amino Benzoic Acid) 150mg *
Choline (Bitartrate) 250mg *
Trace Minerals Traces *

Vit. E Mixed Tocopherols (Gamma)

(Alpha, Beta, Delta)



Organic Whole Food Blend: Rose Hips, Alflfa lf, Spirulina H. 120mg *
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid.

Contains No: Gluten, gelatin, Nuts, Wheat, Yeast, Pollen, Sugar, Buckwheat, Dairy Corn, or Soy residues, hidden additives, GMO's Sodium aluminosilicate, Artificial ingredients, Dyes or artificial colorings.

Manufacturer Info

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1925 Brush Street
Oakland, CA,
Phone: 800-262-2116 Fax: 5104467994 Visit website

About Super Nutrition

SuperNutrition, Since 1977
For over 36 years SuperNutrition has been committed to providing multi-vitamin formulations in full scientifically proven potencies based on orthomolecular nutrition science. They provide these special multi-vitamins because they are passionate about significantly improving people's health. Their SuperNutrition family of customers spans the generations of all ages, male and female, working and retired. Some are mothers, students, grandparents, and casual and professional athletes. Many report experiencing more energy, better mental clarity, increased strength, and a greater overall sense of well-being that they never felt from lower potency vitamin formulas. These customers are thriving, not just surviving. SuperNutrition is especially proud that each year they see another new generation of healthy SuperNutrition babies join their growing family. SuperNutrition supports your long-term health and well-being.


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