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Lake Consumer Products - Yeast-Gard Advanced Suppositories - 10 Count

Helps Relieve Burning, Itching and Irritation

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    Lake Consumer Products - Yeast-Gard Advanced Suppositories - 10 Count

    • Code#:129661
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    Lake Consumer Products Yeast-Gard Advanced Suppositories - 10 Count

    Use Lake Consumer Products Yeast-Gard Advanced Suppositories for soothing, homeopathic relief from the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection. Lake Consumer Products Yeast-Gard Advanced Suppositories are formulated to naturally support the balance needed to resist future yeast imbalance. Lake Consumer Products Yeast-Gard Advanced Suppositories work naturally with the body's immune system to promote overall vaginal health and balanced vaginal flora. Lake Consumer Products Yeast-Gard Advanced Suppositories helps maintain vaginal flora.

    Each Lake Consumer Products Yeast-Gard Advanced contains:

    • 10 Suppositories
    • 1 Applicator

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Here are some answers to common questions about yeast infections and homeopathic medicine.

    Yeast Infections

    What is a yeast infection?
    A vaginal yeast infection is an excess growth of yeast cells in the vagina. Yeast infections are very common, affecting most women at least once, and nearly 50% of women at least twice, in their lifetime. Although they are uncomfortable, vaginal yeast infections rarely lead to serious health problems

    What are the symptoms of a yeast infection?
    The most common symptoms of yeast infection include:

    • Vaginal itch or soreness
    • Thick, white, cheese-like discharge - although some women have no noticeable discharge
    • "Burning" discomfort around the vaginal opening, especially during urination
    • Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse

    What causes yeast infection?
    A healthy vagina normally contains a balance of many healthy bacteria and small numbers of yeast cells. These healthy bacteria, or vaginal flora, help prevent other organisms, such as yeast, from growing in excess and causing an infection.
    When this normal balance of organisms in the vagina is disrupted, yeast can overgrow, causing symptoms. This imbalance can be caused by many factors, including use of oral contraceptives or antibiotics, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, illness, pregnancy, age or menstruation. Women with immune-suppressing diseases such as diabetes and HIV are also at increased risk.

    Is there anything I can do to reduce the frequency of yeast infection?
    Although it may not be possible to completely avoid yeast infection, there are things you can do to minimize your risk:

    • Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nonfat dairy products
    • Wear cotton and avoid tight fitting clothing
    • After using the toilet, wipe from front to back to avoid spreading yeast from the anus to the vagina
    • Avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics
    • If you suffer from frequent symptoms, take Yeast-Gard Advanced Capsules on a daily basis to support your body's natural defenses and promote balance

    How are the symptoms of a yeast infection different from symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis?
    Although yeast infections of the vagina are probably the most familiar form of vaginitis to women, they are actually much less common than Bacterial Vaginosis. In fact, BV is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. Is it caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that are usually present in the vagina. If you have BV, you may develop a grayish-white, foul-smelling discharge that has an elevated pH above 4.5. The odor, often described as fish-like, may be more obvious after sexual intercourse or your period. For more information on BV and available over-the-counter treatment and symptom relief options, visit

    Homeopathic Medicine

    What is homeopathic medicine?
    Homeopathic medicines use small amounts of specific ingredients known to activate the body's natural defenses against a disease state or condition. Homeopathic treatments are made from minerals, herbs, and other natural extracts listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS) and prepared according to HPUS guidelines. Yeast-Gard Advanced's homeopathic products are manufactured in compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations governing homeopathic medicines.

    How do homeopathic medicines work?
    Homeopathic medicines harness the power of the body's own immune system. According to homeopathic theory, small amounts of specific ingredients trigger the body's natural defenses to protect and fight back. So instead of just suppressing symptoms, homeopathic remedies act as catalysts that promote the body's inherent healing mechanisms.

    Are homeopathic medicines safe?
    Having been used around the world for centuries, homeopathic medicines work naturally with the body's immune system. Consequently, they do not result in the negative side effects often associated with conventional drugs including acquired antimicrobial resistance, disruption of protective bacterial flora, and potential toxicity.

    Yeast Infections: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
    Lake Consumer Products always recommends that first time sufferers have a doctor diagnose their vaginal infection before self treating. In addition to yeast infections, there are several other types of vaginal infections that could be to blame for your symptoms, including Bacterial Vaginosis or Trichomoniasis. Until you are able to distinguish between the symptoms of each, they advise being diagnosed by a health care provider.

    You can't see them, but yeast cells live on all surfaces of our bodies. Under normal circumstances, they're harmless. But under certain conditions they multiply excessively, particularly in warm, moist areas of the body. For example, in the vagina. When this happens, the result is a vaginal yeast infection. Although yeast infections are irritating and can reoccur, they seldom lead to major health problems.

    The most common symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are itching, irritated genital skin, and pain or burning when urinating or engaging in sexual intercourse. Sometimes the infection produces a white, curd-like discharge. Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to appear right before your menstrual period.

    In addition to a small number of yeast cells, a healthy vagina also contains natural, healthy bacteria. The healthy bacteria helps prevent yeast and other organisms from growing excessively. When there's a change in the normal balance of bacteria, yeast can overgrow, causing an infection. This imbalance can result from many factors, including antibiotic usage, stress, diet, menstruation, obesity, the environment and the use of oral contraception. Healthy bacteria can also be diminished by the use of antibiotics, which don't distinguish between harmful and helpful bacteria.

    Ordinary over-the-counter products are antifungal drugs designed to kill yeast that have grown excessively, resulting in a symptomatic "yeast infection". Delivered via messy creams or vaginal suppositories, these drugs do nothing to address the underlying imbalance that triggered the yeast infection in the first place.

    Yeast•Gard products, on the other hand, employ the principles of homeopathy to correct the imbalance that’s at the root of the problem. Rather than simply suppressing disease symptoms, homeopathic remedies act as catalysts to support the body's inherent healing mechanisms. Such is the case with Yeast•Gard whose unique homeopathic formulas help restore the healthy, balanced vaginal environment needed to curb excessive yeast growth and eradicate yeast infection symptoms.

    And, the probiotic base into which their Yeast•Gard Advanced homeopathic formulas are blended to support the body’s natural healing process even more. So when used on a daily basis, their Yeast•Gard Advanced products provide ongoing support of your natural defenses.

    About Lake Consumer Products
    Lake Consumer Products was started in the mid 1980's as a sales and marketing firm specializing in a variety of over-the-counter health care products across multiple retail categories. The company grew steadily through the 1990's fueled in large part by distribution in the Drug and Mass classes of trade, and today enjoys distribution in all major retail chains.

    For years, Lake Consumer Products has manufactured and marketed a wide-variety of innovative over-the-counter health care products designed to improve your quality of life. Their exhaustive research and attention to detail culminates in products that deliver on the promise of effective relief. They pride themselves in having helped millions of people lead a healthier, happier life.

    Suggested Use

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    Remove one suppository from the foil wrap and place in the applicator. Insert suppository into the vagina with the applicator. Remove applicator and cleanse thoroughly with soap and water. Use one suppository daily for seven days.

    For vaginal use only. Use only as directed. Stop use and ask a doctor if:

    • symptoms persists for more than 7 days
    • you have pain or tenderness in the lower part of the abdomen and pelvis
    • you have vaginal discharge or bleeding, chills, nausea, or fever
    • you or your sexual partner have sores or ulcers
    • you have an STD (sexually transmitted disease) or PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)
    • your vaginal discharge is an unusual amount, color or odor
    • you have frequent and painful urination
    • if use results in pain, soreness, swelling, redness, itching, excessive dryness or irritation

    If pregnant or breast feeding, ask a health care professional before use.

    Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.

    Active Ingredients: Candida albicans 27x HPUS*, Candida parapsilosis 27x HPUS*, Pulsatilla 27x HPUS*

    Inactive Ingredients: Bacillus coagulans, Polyethylene Glycols

    *The letters "HPUS" indicate that the components in this product are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. 

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