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Manitoba Harvest
2 lbs.
32% off

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About Manitoba Harvest

Founded in 1998, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils is the largest vertically-integrated hemp food manufacturer in the world. Manitoba Harvest strives to manufacture & market the highest quality hemp food products, to educate on the nutritional & environmental benefits of hemp, and to support sustainability in all that they do.

Contact Manitoba Harvest

69 Eagle Drive
Winnipeg, MB, R2R 1V4

Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Pro 50 - 2 lbs.Plant Based Protein Supplement

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Soy FreeGluten FreeDairy FreeNut FreeOrganicIs Vegetarian
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    Product: Hemp Pro 50
    Code#: Lucky ID: 127891 | UPC: 697658691041
    Manufacturer:Manitoba Harvest
    Size/Form: 2  lbs.
    Packaged Ship Weight: 2.10  lbs
    Servings: 30
    Dosage Size: 4  Tablespoon(s)
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    Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50 - 2 lbs (908g)

    Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50 is a bit of everything - protein, fiber and omegas! Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50 is raw and made from just one ingredient. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50 is a single ingredient, whole food that provides protein and an ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3's including the rare EFA known as Gamma-Linolenic Aci (GLA). Testimonials have shown that GLA alone (not even including the other benefits of hemp) help with athritis, joint mobility, eczema, hormonal balance, migraines, menopause in women, healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and even weight management. Hemp protein powder is extremely easy to digest and also contains vitamins, chlorophyll, fiber, calcium and is rich in folic acid.

    Choose Hemp Pro 50 if...
    • You're looking for a balance of both protein and fiber in your diet
    • Breakfast smoothies, cereal or oatmeal are on your morning menu, as Hemp Pro 50 is a great addition to all three options
    • You want a raw, whole food. The only ingredient in Hemp Pro 50 is hemp! 

    As your hemp protein specialists, Manitoba Harvest is proud to offer a full line of delicious, convenient and easily digestible hemp protein powders. Packed with nutrients, each of their protein powders is rich in omegas and high in protein. Try one today!

    Hemp 101

    Why Choose Hemp?

    Hemp is a great choice for anyone looking to add essential omegas and extra protein into their daily diet. Hemp foods are vegetarian and vegan friendly. They are not genetically modified, but are kosher certified, pesticide free and some are also organic. Hemp has many benefits both physically and mentally and the comments they hear about the difference hemp has made in people's lives is overwhelming!

    Some of the Benefits of Choosing Hemp include:

    Hemp is packed full of protein:
    Hemp contains all 10 essential amino acids and is vegan friendly! It's also easy to digest as hemp easily assimilates into your body.

    Good Fats Galore!
    Hemp is a rich and balanced source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 including the rare form of GLA (Gamma Linnolenic Acid). GLA has been shown to help maintain heart health, healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels and aid in hormonal balance. The essential fatty acids (EFAs) in hemp are both short and long chain making for a broader spectrum and working together to ensure your body has an effective metabolism. According to the World Health Organization, the ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 is 4:1. Hemp has a ratio of 3.75:1.

    Stacked With Other Nutrients:

    • Chlorophyll and Vitamin E
    • Important B vitamins
    • Folic acid (important for women who are trying or may become pregnant)
    • Phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are involved in energy metabolism, protein, and bone synthesis.

    Quality From Seed to Shelf

    Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is the only vertically integrated hemp food company in the world. They control every aspect of the process from the farm gate to end packaging. What this means to you is added peace of mind knowing that you can trust exactly where your food is coming from.

    • They partner with hemp farmers, many of which are also company shareholders, to source the raw hemp seed
    • They make their products fresh daily at their 20,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art kosher & organic-certified facility
    • They use natural, organic, and fair-traded ingredients
    • They work with Renewable Choice Energy to offset 100% of their protection facility's energy with renewable energy credits (RECs). Their natural gas usage is counteracted with carbon offsets.

    Mission Statement

    To be the global leader in hemp food products, promoting health and wellness, and fostering positive change for community and the environment

    Core Values:

    • Passion
    • Health
    • Quality
    • Integrity
    • Transparency
    • Fun

    Guiding Principles

    Quality Hemp Foods

    • Non-GMO, Natural or Organic - nothing artificial
    • Always top quality, fresh products produced under the highest operational standards
    • Functional, innovative, and nutritionally dense

    Quality Relationships

    • Delivering value to all stakeholders: consumers (end-users), producers, employees, customers (trade), suppliers and shareholders
    • Fostering trust through transparency, delivering on their promises, and taking responsibility for their actions
    • Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for their business, demonstrating a "can do" attitude and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

    Social & Environmental Responsibility

    • Respecting the environment by sourcing from natural and organic farms and implementing environmentally friendly business practices the reduce their footprint on the earth.
    • Operating with a social conscience by donating resources to support the communities they touch.

    Manitoba Harvest Questions & Answers

    What are the differences between hemp and marijuana?
    Hemp and marijuana are much like a sweet pepper and a hot pepper, or a Chihuahuas and a Great Dane. Hemp and marijuana are both part of the cannabis plant family but are very different. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods products contain 0.001% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and will NOT cause a psychoactive effect nor will their products cause a false positive drug test.

    Are hemp foods safe for pregnant women?
    Yes. Hemp contains numerous nutritional benefits so it is a great addition to expectant mothers' diets.

    Are hemp foods safe for small children?
    Absolutely! Hemp foods are delicious, easy to use, and are packed with protein and oemgas. People of all ages enjoy Manitoba Harvest products. What is important to remember is erving size. Children in general consume less than a fully-grown adult. For children, consider body weight when determining serving size - much like you would with any other food. As a general guideline, cut the recommended serving size shown on each package by 1/3 or 1/2 depending on teh child's age and size.

    Are hemp foods safe for animals?
    Animals and pets are important members of your family and you want to ensure their proper diet and nutrition. Manitoba Harvest is not an animal food manufacturer so they recommend contacting your trusted animal care professional for specific advice. However, Manitoba Harvest receives countless testimonials from customers about the observed benefits of adding hemp foods (hemp oil in particular) to their pets' diet. The omegas found in hemp have been shown to be therapeutic with animals' coats, joints, digestive systems, and overall well-being. Plus, animals seem to love the rich nutty taste of hemp oil. Just like with humans, be conscious of your pet's weight when determining how much hemp oil to add to your pet's food. A good parameter for oil is 1 tsp. per 10 lbs. of body weight.

    How does hemp compare to other food groups like Flax?

    1. Broader omegas (Omega-3 and Omega-6, including the rare form of GLA)
    2. Non-GMO
    3. More protein in hemp

    Can I feeze Manitoba Harvest products?
    All of the Manitoba Harvest hemp products can be frozen except for Hemp Bliss Organic Hemp Beverage & Hemp Seed Oil Capsules. If freezing, Manitoba Harvest recommends storing in an air-tight container.

    Do Manitoba Harvest products contain any known allergens?
    Hemp seeds are not known to contain allergens. Their hemp food dedicated facility DOES NOT process any dairy, soy, nut or gluten products.

    Why are some hemp food batches different shades of green?
    At Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils they create their products fresh and to ensure this, they run small batches of the product. Depending on the seed in that batch, the green shade may be slightly darker or lighter. Because their products are Non-GMO (not genetically modified) each seed in each hemp field will be slightly different.

    What is the difference between natural and certified organic?
    "Certified" Organic denotes products made from seed that has been grown on certified organic land, and produced according to strict uniform standards that are verified by a government-designated organization.  In North America, to receive organic certification farmland has to have been free from chemicals for a minimum three years. "Natural" denotes products that are grown using conventional farming techniques and have NOT been genetically modified. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods products do NOT contain any additives, preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients.

    About Manitoba Harvest

    Founded in 1998, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods actually started much earlier. Company co-founders aligned with farmers and academics in the early 1990’s to create the Manitoba Hemp Alliance. In 1995, the Alliance successfully secured government permission and funding to plant hemp trials. The experimental trials helped alleviate misconceptions regarding industrial hemp, gained government support, and caught the interest of the trade. By the time the government act forbidding hemp crops was up for renewal in 1998, there was plenty of evidence to support why industrial hemp should be legalized in Canada. Manitoba Harvest was born immediately after industrial hemp was legalized.

    The company started small. The focus clear - manufacture the highest quality hemp food products while educating people on the nutritional benefits of hemp foods. Fresh hemp oil and shelled hemp seeds were sold at local retailers and farmer’s markets. Through grassroots marketing, Manitoba Harvest grew and in 2001 was preparing its first shipment to the United States. At the same time the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began a campaign to make sales of hemp foods illegal in the United States. The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), along with hemp food companies – including Manitoba Harvest, took the DEA to court. Three years later HIA and its allies won. The three year ban and court battle was a major hurdle that slowed, but did not deter Manitoba Harvest’s growth. To support hemp foods launch in the United States, Manitoba Harvest’s CEO hit the road conducting small in-store demos, exhibiting at consumer events and educating anyone who would listen. Today, Manitoba Harvest is the largest vertically integrated hemp food manufacturer in the world.

    Manitoba Harvest controls every aspect of the production process. From sourcing crops, to food processing to packaging and distribution, Manitoba Harvest holds itself to the highest operational standards. Manitoba Harvest partners direct with hemp farmers to source the raw, non-genetically modified hemp seed. The pre-screened farmers deliver direct to Manitoba Harvest’s facility, creating a closed-loop sourcing system. Products are made fresh in-house at Manitoba Harvest’s state-of-the-art kosher and organic certified* facility. Manitoba Harvest also goes through voluntary audits and certifications to ensure they lead the market in quality assurance. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Manitoba Harvest’s market reach extends across North America, Europe and Asia. Manitoba Harvest strives to manufacture the highest quality hemp food products, to educate on the nutritional & environmental benefits of hemp, and to support sustainability in all that they do.

    Suggested Use
    Blend into smoothies or juices. Add to hot cereal or baking.


    Refrigerate after opening.

    Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Pro 50 - 2 lbs.
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 4 Tbsp. (30g)
    Servings Per Container: 30
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Calories 120
    Calories from Fat 30
    Total Fat 3.5 g 5%
    Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
    Trans Fat 0 g *
    Cholesterol 0 g 0%
    Sodium 0 mg 0%
    Total Carbohydrate 8 g 3%
    Dietary Fiber 7 g 28%
    Sugars 1 g *
    Protein 15 g 30%
    Vitamin A 0%
    Vitamin C 0%
    Calcium 6%
    Iron 35%
    Omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid ALA) 500 mg *
    Omega-6 (linolenic acid LA) 2000 mg *
    Omega-9 (oleic acid OA) 350 mg *
    *Daily Value Not Established.
    †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Ingredients: Raw Cold Milled Hemp Protein Powder
    About Manitoba Harvest

    Founded in 1998, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils is the largest vertically-integrated hemp food manufacturer in the world. Manitoba Harvest strives to manufacture & market the highest quality hemp food products, to educate on the nutritional & environmental benefits of hemp, and to support sustainability in all that they do.

    69 Eagle Drive
    Winnipeg, MB, R2R 1V4
    Phone: 204-953-0233
    Fax: 204-956-5984
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    • By Michael ( West Deptford, NJ)
      5/19/2014 8:50:14 AM

      I recommend this product!
      Great product at a great price
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