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Maxim Hygiene
180 Count
26% off

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About Maxim Hygiene

Maxim Hygiene products is pleased to introduce a new label of products born out of 25 years of manufacturing and distribution experience in the nonwovens industry. We combine our knowledge of the old with the latest advances in research, technology, and consumer demands to provide a range of lifestyle products to best suit personal care hygienic needs.


Contact Maxim Hygiene

39 Maple Street
Roslyn Heights, New Yok, 11577

Maxim Hygiene - Organic Cotton Swabs - 180 CountNo chemicals, rayon, or synthetic materials used.

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Eco FriendlyHypoallergenicOrganic
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UPC Code: 895199001262
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Product: Organic Cotton Swabs
Code#: Lucky ID: 82454 | UPC: 895199001262
Manufacturer:Maxim Hygiene
Size/Form: 180  Count
Packaged Ship Weight: 0.20  lbs
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Organic Cotton Swabs by Maxim Hygiene
Maxim Hygiene - Organic Cotton Swabs - 180 Count

Maxim Organic Cotton Swabs are made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Organic cotton is pesticide free, which means our bodies, the environment and the farmers growing the cotton aren't being exposed to the needless chemical used on regular cotton. Along with being grown organically, their cotton is whitened and disinfected with Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Chlorine to avoid creating harmful chemical Dioxin residues. We steer clear of using any irritating materials like Petrochemical byproducts, Viscose/Rayon or Perfume found.

All of these qualities combined, make their cotton swabs Hypoallergenic. Additional product features include the unique matchbox package for convenient and safe keeping and the holding stick is made of cardboard. Maxim Organic and Natural products are better for your body, health and our earth.
  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton for an extra softness and Safest feel.
  • Chlorine, Dioxin, Viscose/Rayon, Perfume and Plastics free to keep our products as Chemical free as possible.
  • Hypoallergenic to keep your skin 100% irritation free.
  • Matchbox Packaging for safe keeping or storage and Peggable.
  • Unscented with no Fragrances used to be Allergy Free.

Maxim Organic and Natural products provide the most intimate personal care by using the most Natural, Soft and Safe materials. The methods and materials used in manufacturing their products help preserve our global environment.

Maxim's Feminine Hygiene Products
All of Maxim Hygiene's organic feminine hygiene products are hypoallergenic, designed with quiality materials and comfort in mind for today's active woman. Maxim Hygiene's organic products are made for health and environmentally conscious individuals. The cotton used in Maxim Hygiene's Organic Pads, Pantyliners and Tampons is 100% certified organic. Maxim Hygiene's tampons are chlorine and viscose free to reduce the risk of irritation and allergy.

Maxim's Philosophy
The founders of Maxim built the company and developed Maxim products with three main elements in mind – Body, Earth, and Health. They asked themselves, “How can we take these three very basic and essential components of life to their maximum level of efficiency and sustainability?” This question has become Maxim Hygiene's personal mantra in everything they do. Each element alone is strong, but by combining them together in to one product Maxim is meeting their maximum potential.

Body. Each person’s body is unique in its composition and form, but every body wants and needs to feel good. Maxim's designs and product materials play a significant role in providing comfort and convenience for life’s every day personal care needs.

Earth. The Earth is our source of life and we’ve only got one. If we don’t take care of it we might as well start saying goodbye to it. Maxim likes to try to breathe life in to every aspect of their products; from their Eco-Friendly packaging, to the use of Biodegradable, Synthetic Free, Wood Fluff Pulp Free and Chlorine/Dioxin Free materials, Maxim is always looking for ways to help keep the environment safe.

Health. Health is the most influential element out of all three body, earth and health standards. Body and earth alone are strong components, however having a healthy body and earth is the strongest component in nurturing quality of life.

Why Maxim?
Ever think about the content of your most intimate products?...Maxim did. Feeling itchy or uncomfortable down there?...Maxim can help.  Maxim is a softer, safer and natural alternative to standard conventional feminine hygiene products. Maxim products replace harsh chemical ingredients found in your every day products with the beneficial qualities of organic and natural cotton. In doing so, Maxim products address and resolve major health and environmental concerns associated with the use and production of conventional feminine hygiene and cotton products.

The poeple at Maxim are a little particular when it comes to hygiene. So, whether it’s that time of the month or any other time of the month, Maxim thinks it’s very important that women receive information about what’s going in to their bodies, especially the most intimate parts of their bodies. Therefore, Maxim has provided some helpful points below, about Maxim’s unique qualities, to help guide your decision making and thoughts on the importance of keeping your most intimate products organic and natural.

Maxim Product Benefits & Features:

  • Made with 100% Certified Organic and Natural Cotton - A more naturally breathable fiber that’s better for your Body, Earth and Health.
  • Chlorine/Dioxin Free - Keeping carcinogens away from your most intimate body parts.
  • Synthetic Free - For a Softer, Non-Irritable, and Plastic-less feel.
  • Wood Fluff Pulp Free - More Breathable and Absorbent & Uniquely Saving Trees.
  • Hypoallergenic/Irritation Free - No more rashes, even for those with the most sensitive skin.
  • Eco-Friendly & User-Friendly Too! - Maintaining product performance while keeping the environment safe.

Made With 100% Certified Organic & Natural Cotton.
Other Brands:
What looks like Cotton in other Feminine Hygiene and Cosmetic Puff Products, is not really 100% Cotton. It is usually a blend of Wood Fluff Pulp and Synthetics, like Rayon/Viscose. These cotton alternatives are not as natural, soft on the body, or environmentally friendly as cotton itself. 
Maxim Brand: Maxim's products are made with 100% Certified Organic and Natural Cotton. Maxim is the only 100% Cotton-Based hygiene line on the market. Cotton’s natural breathable quality helps prevent the risk of Irritation and makes it Softer on the Body and Better for the Earth. Maxim also uses Organic Cotton, the purest form of cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Sewage Sludge, Irradiation or Genetic Engineering. Instead, Organic Farmers use natural alternative methods and tools that help enhance soil quality and biodiversity and protect the air and water on which we depend. Who wouldn’t prefer their most intimate products to be made from only all organic and natural methods?…all while protecting the air and water we depend on!

Chlorine/Dioxine Free. 
Other Brands:
Use Chlorine to bleach the raw materials contained in standard feminine hygiene products. The purpose of bleaching is to disinfect and whiten the color of these materials. Dioxin is a chemical substance or resulting residue of the Chlorine bleaching process. It can stay within the fluff fibers of the product materials that come in contact with your body, leading to prolonged exposure to this toxic carcinogen (cancer-causing substance).
Maxim Brand: Products are bleached through a safer process which uses Hydrogen-Peroxide, a natural and safe alternative to Chlorine.

Synthetic Free.
Other Brands:
Use Synthetics, man made chemically composed versions of natural materials, like cotton. When synthetics come in contact with the body they can create unfavorable conditions leading to allergy, irritation, discomfort, and even that slight discomfort you may have experienced recently with your conventional products.
Maxim Brand: Products are made with 100% Pure Organic and Natural Cotton, leaving no trace of synthetics touching the body. Unlike synthetics, only the natural breathable qualities of 100% cotton can reduce the risk of irritation and make a softer feeling product. Also, cotton’s entire product life cycle, being renewable and biodegradable, makes it one of the most environmentally-oriented fibers. Compare that to most synthetic, or chemical fibers, which are petroleum based, either made from nonrenewable resources, or less renewable, like tree-based wood fluff pulp.

Wood Fluff Pulp Free. 
Other Brands:
Use Wood Fluff Pulp for the absorbent core material in sanitary pads. Wood Fluff Pulp is a tree byproduct. Natural forests are being abused and destroyed in the process of obtaining Wood Fluff Pulp.
Maxim Brand: Maxim sanitary pads’ absorbent cores are made of 100% Natural Cotton instead of Wood Fluff Pulp because Cotton is more waste efficient, easily cultivated and its production has less of an overall negative impact on the natural environment. Cotton is a more renewable crop that can be harvested once a year, whereas trees take 6 – 12 years to grow. Also, once the trees are harvested and cut down, they go through a very harsh chemical treatment in order to break them down in to the cotton-like and looking absorbent core you’re used to seeing in other pads. Do not be fooled - even though it looks like cotton, it might not actually be cotton.

Hypoallergenic/Irritation Free
Other Brands:
Contain Synthetics and other Irritants, such as Fragrances, which are not natural and can cause irritation and discomfort. The plastics, viscose, wood fluff pulp, perfume, super-absorbents and other petro-chemical fillers found in standard feminine hygiene products creates what’s called a “heat-dampness micro-climate” in the body, which is an ideal environment for encouraging the growth of bacteria, fungi and other irritation-causing subjects.
Maxim Brand: Maxim uses natural materials, like cotton and eliminates irritable materials, like Synthetics and Fragrances, to make sure all Maxim products are Hypoallergenic and 100% Irritation Free. Some women who experience vaginal irritations on a regular basis, especially around the time of their menstrual cycle, might not be aware that the source of irritation can be coming from the use of conventional products that are made with irritating materials. Women who suffer from vulva-vaginal irritations when using conventional feminine hygiene products, find relief in Maxim products after using them for only a short period of time. Unique to Maxim Only.

Eco-Friendly & User-Friendly Too!
Other Brands:
May be meeting your personal needs, but what about the needs of the environment? Plastic and Synthetics found in conventional products are a substantial source of waste clogging up our landfills, especially with the new popularity of plastic applicator tampons. Billions of tampons, applicators and pads end up in landfills every year, taking years to decompose.
Maxim Brand: Products provide the same leak-resistant comfort of other leading tampons and pads, but only Maxim uses the naturally safe characteristics described above. In addition, Maxim tampons are biodegradable, designed to compost quickly and safely - that means less waste! Also, Maxim feminine hygiene products are packed in Recycled or Recyclable Cardboard Packaging, as opposed to plastic poly bags. Just because they're eco-friendly doesn't mean they can't be user-friendly to meet your personal hygiene needs!

Suggested Use
It can be used for cleaning ear tunnel or any other cleaning occasions.

100% Certified Organic Cotton Heads, Biodegradable Cardboard Holding Stick.
About Maxim Hygiene

Maxim Hygiene products is pleased to introduce a new label of products born out of 25 years of manufacturing and distribution experience in the nonwovens industry. We combine our knowledge of the old with the latest advances in research, technology, and consumer demands to provide a range of lifestyle products to best suit personal care hygienic needs.


39 Maple Street
Roslyn Heights, New Yok, 11577
Phone: 5166213312
Fax: 5166213312
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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by contributors of the product reviews are their own and not necessarily those of does not endorse or imply any medical claims from these reviews. These reviews should not be taken as recommendations but rather customer opinions of the products that they may or may not have used. Reviews are not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical care or advice and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Read the full product reviews disclaimer here.

Average Customer Rating: (3 out of 5)

Based on 17 rating(s)
10 of 17 (58%) of customers said they would recommend this product to a friend.
  • By REBEKAH ( Lebanon, VA)
    4/15/2010 9:47:20 AM

    I recommend this product!
    These cotton swabs are great! They're soft, natural, organic AND a great value to boot! Just as good as more expensive brands!
  • By Erica ( Brooklyn, NY)
    10/1/2010 4:05:56 PM
    I have been using Maxim's cotton rounds for several months, so when I ran out of Organic Essentials cotton swabs, I decided to give the Maxim brand a try. Sadly, I have been disappointed. I love that they're natural and applaud the purity of the product, but it seems there is not an adequate amount of cotton attached to the ends of each swab to ensure comfort. The end of the stick can be felt through the cotton tip, and the stick scrapes my skin. I also don't like the opening at the top of the box, which is good for convenient access, but not good for protecting the product from dust, moisture, etc. I'm going to use the remaining swabs since I don't like to waste anything, but I wouldn't buy these again unless it was the only organic choice available. I will definitely go back to Organic Essentials swabs which I have been using for several years without complaint.
  • By SVETLANA ( Staten Island, NY)
    12/20/2010 1:36:38 AM
    not enough cotton on the tip, will not buy again
  • By Silvana ( Chicago, IL)
    1/10/2011 2:00:10 AM

    I recommend this product!
    I'm not sure why some reviewers found a lack of cotton on the swab. I like these very much and they seem to be equally padded as any other standard swab.
  • By LORI ( Cypress, TX)
    3/19/2011 5:12:34 PM

    I recommend this product!
    Our family has been using these for quite some time and they work just fine; no complaints! I have also used the Organic Essentials brand and there is NO difference in thickness. The Maxim swabs are just as thick as conventional brands also. The hole in the cover is annoying, as another reviewer mentioned, however for 37 cents less than Organic Essentials, it isn't a problem; just leave the plastic wrap on the package and the hole stays covered. One complaint I have for this brand and Organic Essentials, is that the companies do not sell a larger box, such as 500. If the companies are concerned about the environment, then why are they not selling bulk sizes to save on packaging and cost?
  • By Heidrun M. ( Lexington, SC)
    6/17/2011 5:40:06 PM

    I recommend this product!
    I like these cotton swabs b/c they are soft and do the job very well. Plus they are made from unbleached organic cotton, and I feel good about using a product that is better for me and my environment.
  • By Rachel ( Huntington, IN)
    6/27/2011 3:12:00 AM
    I agree with those who said these are not very high quality. I switched from Organic Essentials because of a noticeable price difference, but as the box endures on, I find myself less and less patient with them and eager for when I can reorder and get the other brand instead! ;) These have a sharp stick as others mentioned that can poke you in the delicate ear area without warning where the cotton doesn't happen to be covering it enough. It really hurts! Ha ha. Also, the cotton comes unwound from the stick! I read a review on the other brand saying those unwound, so I thought nothing about ordering these with supposedly the same problem. However, these are much worse in that area!!! I think the difference in reviewers would just be if you are used to using a cheap drugstore brand on the national leading brand before switching to organic. To me, both the knockoff/cheap conventional brand and these I have in the house right now are almost useless because they start unwinding.
  • By Jessica ( Miami, FL)
    6/27/2011 5:39:01 PM

    I recommend this product!
    Durable. Soft. No complaints. I love organic!
  • By Jenni ( Tallapoosa, GA)
    9/1/2011 8:57:42 AM

    I recommend this product!
    Work well.
  • By Brandi ( Columbia, MD)
    3/5/2012 6:05:46 PM

    I recommend this product!
    They work well and do not have a plastic stick like others do.
  • By Eileen ( San Mateo, CA)
    3/22/2013 11:37:03 AM
    Not enough cotton at the tips. Unfortunately, I will buy Q-tips next time.
  • By Kay ( Clarkesville, GA)
    5/4/2012 9:29:10 PM

    I recommend this product!
    So glad to have organic.
  • By Paula ( Athens, GA)
    1/2/2013 9:16:55 AM
    swab is a bit weak. I can feel the stick while swabbing.
  • By Susan ( Depoe Bay, OR)
    2/24/2012 2:15:57 PM

    I recommend this product!
    Not much different than store bought but organic
  • By Laura ( Raleigh, NC)
    4/30/2012 5:48:18 PM

    I recommend this product!
    I was excited to find organic cotton swabs, but they were nothing special. It's a good price for what you get, though.
  • By Silvana ( Chicago, IL)
    2/1/2013 7:42:15 PM
    Not enough cotton on the swab. Feels like you are scraping your skin with the end of a chopstick.
  • By Yoona ( Reston, VA)
    2/15/2013 12:14:49 PM
    Very thin tips, doesn't pick up any ear wax
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