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Biotivia - Bio Forge Pro Max Phase II - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

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    Biotivia - Bio Forge Pro Max Phase II - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

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    Biotivia Bio Forge Pro Max Phase II - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

    Biotivia Bio Forge Pro Max Phase II is light years ahead of the old school lean mass builders. The body building community has made Pro Max Phase II the hottest new lean mass and performance builder available anywhere. The combination of dense muscle growth agents work along separate biological pathways and reinforce each other for optimum results. Clinical tests prove that Pro Max is superior to traditional fitness supplements, by a large margin. Better lean mass support, better high intensity training and endurance sport improvements and more intense libido enhancement.

    Pro Max was developed to support increased secretion of testosterone for athletes.  Their customers report that Pro Max's sexual performance attributes are what many of them appreciate even more. The synergistic blend of safe but extremely potent all natural ingredients makes for a test booster that is uncomparable in terms of potency and efficacy.

    Pro Max and the new Bio Forge have been expressly engineered for athletes and bodybuilders who want to amplify the natural muscle-building and fat-burning signals at the cellular level without any harmful or unwanted side-effects. Pro Max complements Bio Forge by activating the biological pathways and anabolic processes that Bio Forge was not designed to regulate and vice versa. The two supplements are meant to be taken together for optimum results. 

    They guarantee that Pro Max will give you a noticeable improvement in strength,  speed of recovery, and lean mass. Endurance and distance athletes normally see the most improvement. Their unique natural and effective formulations have an extraordinary solid scientific foundation, and are perfectly balanced in their revolutionary ingredients profile and ratio, bringing you the future of natural muscular and performance enhancement. 

    So what makes this a world leading bodybuilding supplement?

    Bio Forge Pro Max is the latest natural bodybuilding dietary supplement from the Biotivia stable. This amazing product has been in development for over two years, in conjunction with their scientists and some of the worlds top athletes, and represents the latest innovations for natural muscular and athletic performance enhancement - from all natural sources.

    Twenty four months ago they asked several world class champion bodybuilders what they really look for in a bodybuilding supplement and they all said the same thing:

    • Better muscle definition
    • Faster and better recovery after workouts
    • Less muscular aches and fatigue
    • Less mental fatigue
    • More energy and stamina
    • Better mental focus
    • Reducing fat density

    So with these specifications in mind they set to work to source the best all-natural ingredients that could provide all these key attributes.

    After several months of mixing and matching various ingredients, they came across four, that when combined, make a seriously enhanced fusion providing one of the best, non-toxic bodybuilding supplements in the market place today. They found that Fadogia Agrestis, 7-methoxyflavone, Cholecalciferol and Forskolin all had the qualities and potency required to gain the results that they were looking for. They increased anabolic and thermogenic conditioning, boosted lipolysis and contained aromatase inhibitors, which help to lower estrogen levels whilst causing an increase in testosterone levels. Added to this it helps to maintain muscle and bone density making it the right choice for bodybuilders and athletes alike.

    Tests done by their team showed that, at the end of the cycle, hormonal levels had totally recovered and that testosterone levels had speeded up. Endogen production was found to be nearly more than double than normal.

    No other product matches Bio Forge Pro Max's potency and efficacy, or its clinically proven formulation. Bio Forge Pro Max bodybuilding supplement is the obvious choice if you're looking for maximum muscle gain, fat loss and performance improvement, as it is the most scientifically advanced and safest supplement currently available.

    Bodybuilding Supplement Comparision

    Traditionally, a bodybuilder would have to take a multitude of supplements in order to get a well-rounded intake. With Bio Forge Pro Max, you only need to take one supplement to make the gains that would previously take several to get the same results. You can also combine Bio Forge Pro Max bodybuilding supplement with your existing intake if you desire.

    Traditional Supplements

    • Testosterone Boosters
    • Anti-Estrogens
    • Pre-workout stimulants
    • Non-Hormonal Anabolics
    • Thermogenics
    • Nitric Oxide boosters

    With just Bio Forge Pro Max Bodybuilding Supplement you get:

    • Enhanced lean body mass
    • Reduced fat mass
    • Supported libido and sexual function
    • Boosts both total and free testosterone

    Bio Forge Pro Max has been tested by real hard-core bodybuilders and athletes and all have come back with amazing results.  This addition to their fitness line is not meant to replace Bio Forge, the fastest growing new body building supplement in the US.  The two lean mass builders work along separate biological pathways and are meant to compliment each other for optimum results.

    BioForge Pro Max comprises of the following natural ingredients


    Scientific studies relating to bodybuilding supplements have found that along with enhancing thyroid output and thermogenesis, forskolin is also a powerful anabolic agent. Those effects occur through elevation of 3,5 cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP); a second messenger important in hormone signaling.

    cAMP elevation is fundamental in generating an anabolic and thermogenic condition, and forskolin is the best legal and safe compound available for triggering very significant increases in cAMP levels. One study (Litosch, 1982) demonstrated that forskolin raises cAMP levels in fat cells.

    This is crucial because it demonstrates the ability of the substance to boost lipolysis; forskolin exerts powerful lypolitic effects as well as being a potent anabolic agent. One more added benefit of forskolin; it increases cAMP independently of adrenaline providing increased energy without the need to use any type of traditional stimulant like caffeine pre-workout and without the undesirable effects of stimulants.

    Forskolin and Testosterone -- So how can cAMP increase anabolism?

    cAMP is a crucial signal for steroidogenesis (testosterone production) in the Leydig cells of the testes, by increasing levels of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR). Enhanced StAR production is essential to achieve higher androgen levels, because it's a Leydig cells transfer protein and provides the building blocks for testosterone synthesis.

    StAR activation is necessary for the stimulation of steroidogenic enzymes. Therefore, high cAMP levels also translates into higher levels of luteinizing hormone (the hormone responsible for mediating endogenous testosterone production), and when cAMP levels are enhanced, it acts as an intermediate in the signaling cascade that ranges from luteinizing hormone (LH) binding to testosterone production. By quickening the process, a resulting increase in anabolism and protein synthesis occurs.

    A ground-breaking 2005 study in The Journal of Obesity Research found that men taking 250 mg of 10% forskolin twice a day for 12 weeks (slighty less than the amount found in the daily dose of BioForge Pro Max) experienced up to 33% increase in testosterone levels, averaged a 10 lbs. fat loss per subject and increased lean mass an average of 8 lbs!

    A 2001 study by Badmaev also yielded similar results. A 1997 study in the The Journal of Urology found that forskolin can also aid in erectile dysfunction.

    Fadogia Agrestis:

    Recent university studies show that Fadogia Agrestis has the ability to significantly increase testosterone up to six times that of a control group.  A marked increase in testosterone may lead to:

    • An increased sense of well-being
    • Increased libido
    • Increased muscle mass
    • Decreased body fat

    If you have tried other herbal test boosters such as tribulus or maca and been disappointed, BioForge Pro Max is guaranteed not to let you down! Those “old school” test boosters were nothing more than a boost in libido; they have failed at every clinical study proving they do not actually elevate testosterone.

    Fadogia Agrestis works differently due to the unique ability to increase the productiveness of the testis through increased testicular cholesterol - the building block and direct precursor of testosterone.  Fadogia Agrestis naturally increases the sensitivity and production of the testis resulting in testosterone production cycles which are higher and naturally occurring.

    Don’t take chances with any other Fadogia product! Only Biotivia and Omega Sports have been certified pure by the leading analytical lab in the country and is validated by an unprecedented level of very satisfied customer feedback.


    Aromatase inhibitors have been used extensively by the medical community as a means to reduce the amount of estrogen that is produced in the body from testosterone. Research studies have reported benefits in men using aromatase inhibitors, demonstrating lower estrogen levels and simultaneously causing an increase in testosterone levels. Therefore, the use of aromatase inhibitors have become common among bodybuilders and other strength athletes who want to maintain highest testosterone levels for maximum anabolic muscle-building effects, while reducing their estrogen levels.

    Aromatase enzymes are part of the body’s biochemistry system that are used in the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. So, when aromatase enzyme activity is inhibited , this prevents conversion of testosterone into estrogen thus preventing the negative feedback loop in the HPTA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis).

    During the researchers constant effort for discovering a naturally occurring (7-methoxyflavone has been found in extracts from Meliaceae and Rutaceae plants) improved aromatase-inhibiting product, their attention was drawn to this compound. While several of these substances exhibited high aromatase-inhibiting activity, when it came to intestinal absorption and metabolic

    stability in the body, it was determined that there was a clear grouping of the majority of flavonoids that scored low (Chrysin anyone?) and only a few that scored high. When subjected to independent research, it was determined that 7-methoxiflavone had one of the highest aromatase-inhibiting scores, with high intestinal absorption and metabolic stability in the body.

    These characteristics are extremely important for developing the most effective naturally occurring aromatase inhibitor. Even if a substance has high aromatase-inhibiting activity, if it is poorly absorbed or unstable metabolized quickly in the body, it will be ineffective. Therefore 7-methoxyflavone is the top choice due to its combination of characteristics required for maximum aromatase-inhibiting activity inside the body.  Flavones are plant chemicals known to be competitive inhibitors of cytochrome P450 aromatase with respect to the androgen substrate.

    A welcome plus with the 7-methoxyflavone is that it's not only orally available and resistant to metabolism but unlike most flavones it's very selective, it inhibits aromatase but not 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase.  Optimal 17b-HSD activity is crucial for the endogenous testosterone synthesis. The 7-meth here shines again.  An interesting side note: forskolin increases the activity of 3b-HSD.

    The 3beta-HSD complex is responsible for the endogenous conversion of:

    • dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) to androstenedione
    • androstenediol to testosterone.

    Biotivia is THE ONLY company getting its 7-methoxyflavone from Indofine Chemicals, the company which supplied the ultra-pure flavone for all the studies.


    The bulk of this essential nutrient is made by the skin on exposure to sunlight. The rest comes from the diet.  A study in Clinical Endocrinology journal of 2,299 men, found those with enough of the vitamin had more of the male sex hormone than those with less, plus:

    • Blood levels of both dipped in the winter and peaked in the summer.
    • Low testosterone levels can impact on a man's libido as well as zap energy levels.
    • It also performs essential functions in both men and women such as maintaining muscle strength and bone density.

    Men who ensure that their body is at least sufficiently supplied with vitamin D are doing good for their testosterone levels, their libido and their bone mass among other things.

    The researchers from the Medical University of Graz, Austria, found men with at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D per millilitre of blood had much more testosterone circulating than those lacking in vitamin D.  Across the 2,299 men studied, testosterone and vitamin D levels appeared to peak in the month of August, and drop off in the winter, hitting their lowest levels in March.

    Several animal studies also show a solid and unequivocal correlation between vitamin D3 status and LH/Testosterone levels. Over the past decades the researchers have also discovered a positive role of Vitamin D3 on fat loss and increased muscle strength.

    Why choose Biotivia?

    • With over 20 years of experience processing critical botanicals for the medical and functional food industries, Biotivia designs, formulates and manufactures unique natural herbal supplements which are backed by science and are the most efficacious available in their categories.
    • They have a staff of scientists, pharmacists, and physicians at the core of their company.
    • They offer high potency, HPLC tested, standardized extracts whose actions and modalities are based on peer-reviewed studies and the knowledge they have gained via collaborations with many of the world’s top universities and medical schools.
    • Purity is an obsession with Biotivia and higher purity equals higher potency and fewer side effects. They use the highest quality bio-active extracts and as a result their products are typically higher strength than ordinary supplements and therefore produce effects that you can actually feel.
    • They select ingredients for their formulations which have been shown to complement each other's properties.
      Each individual product is designed to address specific biological processes and to modulate cellular and genetic pathways known to improve health and wellness.
    • Biotivia Resveratrol Product are the overwhelming first choice of the scientific and medical communities doing human clinical trials in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    More reasons to choose Biotivia

    1. They created the world’s original high-potency Resveratrol supplements.  They are the Resveratrol specialists and use Trans-Resveratrol (the active form of Resveratrol) in most of their formulations because of its unique and astonishing range of benefits.
    2. They are the only company to have two Trans-Resveratrol products approved by an internationally recognized and respected independent testing lab. Transmax was the most potent product tested and Bioforte was rated the best value. There is no substitute for truly independent product evaluation.
    3. Their products are all natural, most are vegan and contain no animal products, preservatives, GMO's or fillers of any kind. No Sirt deactivators such as quercetin are used in any Biotivia supplements. Their capsules are all vegetable Pfizer Vcaps.
    4. Transmax, their 500mg pure Trans-Resveratrol product, is being used by prestigious universities and hospitals such as Albert Einstein Medical College, UC Davis and Ottawa Hospital for human clinical trials. Their Resveratrol is being used in more human trials than all other brands combined.
    5. Their products are highly bio-available and effective, as their scientific team understands that real benefits are only achieved when cellular concentrations are reached and maintained. The superior bio-availability of Biotivia Resveratrol has been validated by experts at the National Advertising Division of the US national BBB.
    6. They manufacturers their own products which are made in accordance with FDA GMP and USP standards in their own facility. They do not buy raw materials from brokers or re-sellers and simply fill capsules.
    7. Their product is being considered as an IND by the National Institute of Health. No other supplement has met the rigid quality control and purity criteria necessary for this certification.
    8. They pack their product in nitrogen to maintain its potency and insure at least a 24 month shelf life. They are also the only manufacturer or supplier to utilize a patented active packaging system and oxygen absorbing sachet in the bottle to absorb the free oxygen every time the bottle is opened. This prevents Resveratrol oxidation and preserves potency and bio-activity.
    9. Many of their customers are Doctors and Healthcare Professionals.
    10. The bottom line is "Their products work and you will feel the difference in your daily quality of life." Expect more energy, better overall health, clearer mental focus and concentration, better sleep and slower aging.

    Biotivia is now part of the AVA family of fine certified products

    Biotivia is pleased to announce that the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) has certified Transmax, Bioforte, BioQuench, BioShape, BioSpan, Acai + and Immune Edge+ as Vegan approved supplements.

    This is a great achievement as the AVA have tough guidelines and procedures to follow and this is testament that Biotivia go 'above and beyond' to cater for all our customers.

    To be awarded this prestigious stamp of approval can give all our vegetarian and Hindu customers extra reassurance that Biotivia is the Number one Vegan supplement company.

    About Biotivia Longevity Bioceuticals

    Mission Statement
    Biotivia is fueled by its relentless devotion to vitality, health and wellbeing. Our guiding principle is to develop botanical products that are safe, free of adverse side effects, and uniquely potent and efficacious, that contribute to a significant improvement in a person's quality of life.

    In order for Biotivia to make a product there must exist a preponderance of definitive scientific evidence which demonstrates that a natural compound or combination of compounds has important and even necessary health benefits. Our formulas will always be based upon intensive research and collaboration with the scientific and academic communities.

    Company Profile
    Biotivia Longevity Bioceuticals, LLC is a leading formulator and manufacturer of high potency bioceutical supplements and DNA cosmetic rejuvenation products for the medical, consumer and functional food markets. The company offers products designed to address specific biological processes and to modulate cellular and genetic pathways known to improve health and foster vitality from both the inside out.

    James Betz, PhD, Cell Biologist is the Managing Director, and along with his premier team of international longevity research and development scientists have focused on a polyphenolic compound called Resveratrol, demonstrating astonishing DNA repair and anti-aging properties. Biotivia created the first high-potency Resveratrol supplement.

    High potency, HPLC tested, standardized extracts are developed into sophisticated supplement formulations with actions and modalities based on peer-reviewed studies. Biotivia products are manufactured in their own facility in accordance with FDA, GMP and USP standards. A patented active packaging system is used for supplement products in order to maintain, bio-activity, potency and insure extended shelf life. Advanced, all-vegetable Pfizer V Licaps are used for encapsulated products in order to prevent oxidation and contamination.

    Founded in 1992, Biotivia was originally established in Vienna Austria as a supplier of natural raw materials and botanicals to the supplement and functional food industries and to researchers and scientific institutions worldwide. Biotivia maintains US headquarters in New York and offices in Kansas City, Kansas, Verona, Italy, London and Singapore.

    The company has their own in-house scientists, pharmacist, and researchers dedicated to the foremost anti-aging discoveries. Additionally, they collaborate with scientists and universities worldwide on human clinical trials to prove the efficacy of their products. In-house scientists include:

    James Betz, Ph.D  Cell Biology
    Saurabh Shah, Ph.D  Biology and Medical Research   
    Payal Shah, Ph.D Pharmacist
    Philip Akers, Chemical Engineering and MBA
    Serge Boileau, Ph.Ds  Chemistry and Biology and Professor of Biochemistry for 35 years
    Abbas Green, MD and PhD, specializing in Endocrinology
    Gloria Sabater, Ph.D  Pharmacist
    Wolf-Dieter Rhewoods Ph. D  Professor in Biochemistry

    Pregnant or Lactating women should avoid this product.  Not intended to prevent, cure, diagnose or treat any disease.  Keep in a cool dark place away from access by children.

    Biotivia - Bio Forge Pro Max Phase II - 90 Vegetarian Capsules
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 Capsules
    Servings Per Container: 45
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Coleus Forskohlii (20% forskolin, HPLC tested) 200mg
    Fadogia Agrestis PE 1000mg
    7-methoxyflavone (Indofine Certified) 100mg
    Cholecalciferol - Vitamin D 1000IU
    *Daily Value Not Established.
    †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Other Ingredients: None, no fillers, silica or Magnesium.  All vegetable Pfizer capsules.

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    About Biotivia

    Mission Statement After 18 years of manufacturing raw materials and botanical extracts for the food, medical and supplement industries Biotivia entered the finished products arena for one reason. To design products that fit the space between generic vitamins and nutrients which are safe but only marginally effective, and prescription pharmaceuticals which are often effective but come with frequently serious adverse effects and high cost.

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