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About Ener-G

Our mission at Ener-G foods, as one of the foremost producers of foods for diet-restricted individuals, is to provide a wide range of ready-made foods and mixes that are wholesome, nutritious, delicious, and risk free. We are constantly responding to the demand for special diets with research, innovative products and convenience foods.

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5960 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA, 98124

Ener-G - Bread Light Tapioca Loaf Gluten Free - 8 oz.

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KosherWheat FreeGluten FreeDairy FreeCasein Free
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    Product: Bread Light Tapioca Loaf Gluten Free
    Code#: Lucky ID: 82255 | UPC: 075119140213
    Size/Form: 8  oz.
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    Servings: 12
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    Ener-G Gluten Free Bread Light Tapioca Loaf 8 oz. (228 g)

    Ener-G Gluten Free Light Tapioca Bread is light as air with fewer calories and 30% less fat then regular Tapioca Bread. Ener-G Gluten Free Bread Light Tapioca Loaf is perfect for sandwiches and delicious toasted! This best selling gluten-free, low protein light bread, made with tapioca flour, this bread is not your typical gluten-free white bread. It's light, soft, and airy. The Light Tapioca Loaf is lower in calories, fat, and carbs than regular Tapioca Loaf. Once opened, Ener-G Light Tapioca Loaf stays fresh for about one week. Be sure to refrigerate your Light Tapioca Loaf after opening for optimum freshness. 

    The mission at Ener-G Foods, as one of the foremost producers of foods for diet-restricted individuals, is to provide a wide range of ready-made foods and mixes that are wholesome, nutritious, delicious, and risk free. Ener-G is constantly responding to the demand for special diets with research, innovative products and convenience foods.

    Since 1962, when they first created low protein products for renal pre-dialysis patients Ener-G has striven to meet the challenging requirements for diet restricted consumers. They not only offer wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free, tree nut-free, and peanut-free products, but also products that are low protein, yeast-free, egg-free, and soy-free. The Ener-G bakery is dedicated to wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free baking, guaranteeing that contamination from gluten will not occur. They are also certified kosher under the KOF-K label. KOF-K Kosher certification assures the consumer that ingredients used in the products meet the highest Kosher as well as the strictest cleaning standards.

    Ener-G's innovative packaging gives products a one year shelf life without the need for refrigeration. They bake these products as orders are received to insure that the freshest product is available. Ener-G Foods unconditionally guarantees all their products' freshness. Through the decades their commitment to purity, quality and innovative products has set the standard for others to follow.

    Who says Restrictive Diets are Boring!
    When Sam M. Wylde purchased Ener-G Foods, Inc. in 1962, they were little more than a two-person operation in which all packing was done by hand. Shortly after acquiring Ener-G Foods, Sam was approached by Dr. Scribner of the University of Washington. Dr. Scribner, known worldwide as the father of dialysis, is credited with inventing what is commonly called the kidney machine.

    Meeting with Dr. Scribner and his dietitian, Sondra Aker, it was explained that there was an acute shortage of dialysis machines and they desperately needed a low protein bread. The University of Washington had one dialysis machine for thousands of kidney patients. Since the kidneys convert protein to uric acid, if the protein intake were restricted, the kidneys would not have to work so hard, hence would require less frequent dialysis.

    Sam M. Wylde and Ener-G Foods worked on low protein bread for about a year before arriving at an acceptable result. Made with a base of wheat starch it was low in protein, sodium, potassium and phosphorus, therefore acceptable for a low protein diet. It was also discovered that by restricting protein intake, progression of renal failure could be slowed even for patients on the dialysis unit. Low-Protein foods developed by Ener-G Foods also address several other dietary disorders.

    Sometime later, Dr. Cyrus Rubin, inventor of the Rubin Biopsy Tube and professor of Gastroenterology at the University of Washington sent his dietitian, Elaine Hartsook (later to become Elaine Hartsook, Ph.D) to Ener-G with a request for a gluten-free bread with one restriction, 'I don't want any wheat starch'. Also at about the same time Sam M. Wylde developed prostate cancer and Sam Wylde III, his son, having completed his MBA in Oregon moved back to Seattle to assist his father. Sam Wylde III began working nights on developing gluten-free Breads and other products without the use of wheat starch.

    What is gluten?
    Gluten is one of the miracles of nature. It has the property of becoming elastic when kneaded or mixed. It is this elasticity that traps the gas given off when yeast ferments or baking powders react that makes breads and cakes rise. In the USA, historically a gluten-free diet means a diet free of wheat, rye and barley. However, no specific USA legislation defining Gluten-Free exists. In Canada a gluten-free diet is defined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a diet free of wheat, rye, oats and barley. Foods sold in Canada are not allowed any detectable gluten. In Europe a gluten-free diet generally means a diet which complies with the United Nations Codex Alimentarius Standard for Gluten-Free Foods. The Codex Alimentarius Standard allows wheat starch in Gluten-Free Foods, provided the gluten in such foods does not exceed CODEX guidelines. Such guidelines are periodically adjusted to comply with new scientific findings. Legislation passed in The USA in 2004 requires the US Food and Drug Administration to define gluten-free and to make regulations enforcing the new gluten-free standard.

    In every cereal chemist's laboratory, there is a device fitted to a small mixer that measures the resistance of the dough to the mixer. As the dough containing gluten is mixed, this resistance increases until it reaches its' maximum resistance. This 'maximum' is determined by various factors including quality of the gluten and speed of the mixer.

    Why eliminate gluten from the diet?
    An amazing discovery was made in Holland during World War II. People who had been ill their entire lives suddenly became well. This intrigued Dr. Willem Dicke, a Dutch pediatrician, who began researching the chain of events. The studies determined that the one drastic change in their diet was the elimination of wheat, rye, oats and barley, all of which had been seized for use by the German armies. The Dutch population was living on bread made with flour ground from tulip bulbs. Further research indicated that the gluten in these grains slowly destroyed the villi, which line the walls of the small intestine. Once the villi were sufficiently damaged, the patient suffered from malabsorption, unable to obtain any nutrients from the foods that were ingested. It was found that by eliminating gluten from the diet, the villi would regenerate themselves and the patient would begin digesting their foods properly. The disease is called celiac sprue or non-tropical sprue. Once thought to be a hereditary disease afflicting persons of Northern European and Judaic descent, celiac disease is now known to affect many other ethnic groups including Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern peoples. Once estimated to affects one in 2000 in the United States, it is now thought to be much more common. Once celiac sprue disease is confirmed, the only treatment is maintenance of a gluten-free diet for life.

    The common response is, 'I just won't eat bread.' Easy enough, however, gluten is found in most of the products consumed everyday. Essentially, everything with wheat, rye, barley, and all their derivatives must be eliminated. So breads, pastas, cakes, pastries, cereal, cookies, donuts, pizza, etc, etc...Difficult at first, adaption is possible but, you must also consider this: many commercially prepared foods available on the grocery shelves contain obvious glutens (wheat, barley, rye, etc.) and then there are foods with 'hidden' glutens like HVP. What is HVP? Short for hydrolyzed vegetable protein, its source can be cornstarch, or more commonly wheat starch. Now all of a sudden, it seems everything is taboo for your new diet. Panic sets in; it seems there is nothing you left to eat except fruits and vegetables. The initial shock of this new dietary lifestyle can get overwhelming, but with time, patience, acceptance, and knowledge it becomes much easier.

    A common complaint that heard over the years from the many physicians is, 'My patients won't stay on the gluten-free diet, they can't find anything they like to eat'.

    By 1978, Ener-G Foods had successfully developed and marketed one gluten-free bread and one low protein bread that were acceptable substitutes for the 'real thing'. We also mixed and packaged a number of baking mixes for a variety of diets. Since this gluten-free bread eliminated wheat, rye, oats and barley, persons afflicted with allergies to any of those grains could utilize these breads in their diets. Unwittingly, they had joined the allergy foods market, which would generate considerable interest throughout the eighties, nineties and now into the 21st century.

    The 1980's saw burgeoning American interest in health, diet and exercise. The public and the medical community determined that diet played a significant role in a person's health and well being and that some ailments were in fact allergies to foods. With that in mind, Ener-G set about developing various products suitable for allergy-restricted diets. Today they have a wide array of products designed to meet the needs of those individuals who must eliminate certain foods from their diets. Included in those products are several milk substitutes for those allergic to milk protein or milk lactose, many products suitable for the elimination of wheat from the diet and their best seller, an egg substitute suitable for cooking and baking which contains no part of the egg in its composition.

    Ener- G produces over 150 products made in a facility that is dedicated gluten-free, wheat-free, casein-free, dairy-free, treenut-free, and peanut-free products. Of these items, many are also egg-free, soy-free, low in protein and low in sodium. Ener-G is also kosher certified. Since beginning in the 1960s, they've devoted much time and commitment to customers. What they do is unique, revolutionary, and always evolving.

    Suggested Use
    Toast or microwave (about 15-30 seconds)


    If toasting, use caution when removing from toaster. Do not leave toasting appliance unattended due to fire risks.

    Do not freeze prior to opening. Package may contain a non-toxic sachet to increase shelflife. Do not eat sachet. Keep out of reach of children.

    Ener-G - Bread Light Tapioca Loaf Gluten Free - 8 oz.
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Piece(s)
    Servings Per Container: 12
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Total Fat 1.5g 2%
    Saturated Fat 0g 0%
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol 0mg 0%
    Sodium 60mg 3%
    Potassium 15mg 0%
    Total Carb. 7g 2%
    Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
    Sugars 1g
    Protein 0g
    Vitamin A 0%
    Vitamin C 0%
    Calcium 0%
    Iron 2%
    Vitamin D 2%
    Thiamin 4%
    Riboflavin 2%
    Niacin 2%
    Folate 4%
    *Daily Value Not Established.
    †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Other Ingredients: Filtered Water, Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, High Oleic Safflower Oil, Pear Juice Concentrate, Bamboo Fiber, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Yeast, Methylcellulose, Guar Gum, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Salt, Orange Citrus Fiber, Baking Powder (Glucono Delta Lactone, Calcium Carbonate & Magnesium Carbonate), Calcium Phosphate, enriched with Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin, Iron, Folic Acid, and Vitamin D.
    About Ener-G
    Our mission at Ener-G foods, as one of the foremost producers of foods for diet-restricted individuals, is to provide a wide range of ready-made foods and mixes that are wholesome, nutritious, delicious, and risk free. We are constantly responding to the demand for special diets with research, innovative products and convenience foods.
    5960 First Avenue South
    Seattle, WA, 98124
    Phone: 800-331-5222
    Fax: 206-764-3398
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    Average Customer Rating: (4 out of 5)

    Based on 12 rating(s)
    10 of 12 (83%) of customers said they would recommend this product to a friend.
    • By TRACY ( North Scituate, RI)
      4/29/2011 5:43:07 AM

      I recommend this product!
      Describe your experience with the product. If it met your expectations. What you liked/disliked. Do not include medical claims. The most useful comments contain specific examples about how you use the product, things that are great about it and things that you think are not so great about it.
    • By Christi ( Falls, PA)
      6/19/2011 4:00:24 PM

      I recommend this product!
      Decent GF alternative for Sara Lee's 45 kcal bread. Ener-G's bread slices are quite small, even the higher calorie breads. I prefer this one over Ener-G's white rice loaf (which has a "freezer burn" aftertaste).
    • By Kellie ( Latonia, KY)
      8/18/2011 3:12:22 PM

      I recommend this product!
      My son is Autistic and is on a Gluten Free diet. he eats this bread with Cheese every day. he just loves it. It does not crumble and is not too dry. We either toast it or fry it on the griddle like grilled cheese. Delicious.
    • By Leah ( Eugene, OR)
      9/12/2011 11:32:56 AM

      I recommend this product!
      yummy - love this bread. great as toast in the morning.
    • By Audrey ( Manahawkin, NJ)
      5/3/2012 2:08:21 PM

      I recommend this product!
      Tasted good, but was a bit crumbly. Toasting helps. I much prefer Rudi's breads.
    • By Amy ( Austin, TX)
      6/11/2012 7:24:27 AM
      Not good at all. There are so many good GF breads, but this is not one of them.
    • By sandra ( Clermont, FL)
      6/13/2012 9:34:11 PM
      Tasteless, better off buying a product you can bake.
    • By stephanie ( Tiburon, CA)
      11/12/2012 10:59:57 AM

      I recommend this product!
      Good consistancy. Tastes good
    • By Julie ( Eunice, LA)
      3/4/2013 7:51:17 AM

      I recommend this product!
      Very fast service and affordable.
    • By Jasmin ( New York, NY)
      5/30/2013 11:07:29 AM

      I recommend this product!
      Low calorie, toasts well, and satisfying without the offending allergens!
    • By bob ( University Place, WA)
      9/23/2013 11:53:22 AM

      I recommend this product!
      Great product very tasty, do not have to freeze, bread will last up to a year. Thanks a great product
    • By Stephanie ( Eldersburg, MD)
      3/10/2014 9:44:46 AM

      I recommend this product!
      Trying differ kinds of breads that are gluten free. This has an aftertaste (but not as awful as the rice bread) so I usually eat my sandwiches with chips to kill the taste.
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