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About Nasopure

Dr. Hana's Nasopure is an all-natural nasal cleansing system that quickly and safely washes away pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses and mucus — the primary causes of nasal and sinus allergies, infection, and discomfort. Dr. Hana's patented nasal wash system is one of the most effective and convenient nasal irrigation systems on the market today.

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5900 N Tower Drive

Nasopure - Little Squirt To Go Nasal Wash System - CLEARANCE PRICED

Zoom View - Little Squirt To Go Nasal Wash System

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Little Squirt To Go Nasal Wash System by Nasopure
Dr. Hana's Nasopure Little Squirt To Go Nasal Wash System

The Little Squirt To Go Nasal Wash System keeps your nose clean the all natural way. Nasopure gently washes away irritants that cause nasal symptoms and discomfort - pollen, mold, dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, and mucous build-up. Developed by a pediatrician using your mother's wisdom.

For year's Dr. Hana has taught her patients how to wash their noses. Dr. Hana particularly encourages those who have allergies, recurrent sinus and ear infections, or asthma. The nose is the body's filter and washing in provides a great dense against environmental cause of nasal and sinus congestion. A clean nose allows the sinuses to drain naturally. Keeping your nose clean makes so much sense and it feels good too.

Nasopure's patented bottle design offers full control over pressure and flow. It also promotes ideal head and neck postion for easy, safe and thorough washing. Nasopurists tell Dr. Hana time and again that daily use has relieved and prevented their nasal woes, allowing them ti breathe more easily and help reduce their medication use. Enjoy the Nasopure Effect!

  • Removes irritants, thins secretions, refreshes nasal lining, moisturizes, shrinks swollen passages.

  • Reduces medication use; prevents and/or reduces symptoms related to allergies, sinusitis, colds, exposure to pollution.

  • Contains only natural ingredients; not habit forming.

  • Can be used with prescription nasal sprays.

  • Little Squirt to go is great for travel and children (2 years and up)
Nasopure Little Squirt To Go :
4 oz. Nasopure bottle,20 swish stix, each 3.75 grams, pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate.

Why Nasal Washing?
Saline nasal washings have been used for centuries to maintain clear nasal passages. The process can be referred to as rinsing, irrigation, douching or lavage, but Nasopure likes to call it what it is: nasal washing. Nasopure is today's ideal nasal wash.

Dr. Hana, a practicing physician with over 2 decades of experience in helping both children and adult patients with nasal, sinus and ear problems caused by colds, allergies, infections and exposure to pollution. She has seen first hand how the regular use of a saline nasal wash can soothe, moisturize, and help keep the nose, sinuses and ears clear, clean and healthy.

Allergists, family doctors, otolaryngologists, pediatricians and scientists have found this procedure safe and effective. Evidence shows when done correctly, nasal washing can remove irritants, particles and debris — keeping the passages clear while moisturizing and soothing irritated membranes.

Nasopure truly believe anyone can benefit from washing their nose every day. Dr. Hana is on a mission to inform, educate and enlighten people all over the world on the benefits of nasal washing. The ultimate goal is to reduce medication use, and avoid the cost and side effects of these drugs. As a company, Nasopure's goal is to help you feel better and breathe easier, naturally.

Benefits of :" ":y so allergens, irritants, bacteria, viruses and contaminants can be eliminated.
  • Helps prevent upper respiratory infections like the common cold.

  • Reduces dependency on medications such as antibiotics, antihistamines, nasal steroids, decongestants and asthma medications.

  • Relieves nasal dryness.

  • Improves sense of smell.

  • Improves sense of taste.

  • Helps to treat sinusitis and rhinitis.

  • Reduces allergic rhinitis.

  • Reduces coughing and other symptoms of post-nasal drip.

  • May reduce snoring.

  • May reduce nose bleeds.

  • Clears airways affected by nose woes associated with pregnancy and maturity.

  • Helps alleviate breathing difficulties caused by medical conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis and many others.

  • Cleanses the nasal tissues stressed by radiation therapy to the head and sinus area.

  • Deeper, more relaxed breathing.
  • Saline Solution Guide
    The Nasopure salt mixture of pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate can make two types of solutions: hypertonic and isotonic. Nasopure salt mixture is buffered with sodium bicarbonate to balance the acidity of the saline solution for a soothing effect.

    A hypertonic solution has a higher salt concentration than the fluids in the body. Scientific studies have shown a hypertonic solution has several benefits:
    • Thins thick secretions most effectively.

    • Improves the filtering mechanisms of the nose.

    • Removes 80% of allergens, thereby reducing allergy medication need.

    • Shrinks swollen membranes.

    • Regular use reduces the need for antihistamines and antibiotics.

    • Similar to ocean water and is SAFE.

    • Can improve both sense of smell and bad breath.
    An isotonic solution has the same concentration of salt as fluids in the body. Although isotonic solutions do not have as many benefits as hypertonic solutions, many people like to begin nasal washing with a milder solution, or use isotonic solutions for frequent cleansings.

    What is the Nasopure Difference?
    • Nasopure is all natural; fine granules of a buffered salt mixture.

    • Pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate.

    • For use in the shower or over the sink, full bottle can last for several days of use or can be mixed fresh daily.

    • Only 1-2 oz of solution needed during each nasal washing.

    • Patented design for effective and comfortable nasal washing.

    • Economical, Travel Ready & Easy To Use.

      Available Book:Clearing the Air, One Nose at a Time By Hana R. Solomon, M.D
    Suggested Use
    How to Use Nasopure
    Washing your nose with Nasopure is more effective when done correctly. Please read the detailed, step-by-step instructions below and allow three days to perfect the technique, although many feel the results immediately.

    Wash once per day or after exposure to irritants.

    Wash twice per day. Hypertonic is most effective, but isotonic can also be used.

    Wash up to four times per day. Hypertonic is recommended for the most dramatic results, but isotonic can also be used.

    Preparing your solution
      1. Thoroughly clean the Nasopure bottle and cap using a mild dish soap solution. Rinse well.
      2. Pour contents of the Nasopure salt mixture into the bottle.
      3. Fill the bottle with warm water that is suitable for drinking. Test the solution’s temperature by squeezing a few drops on your wrist. Use warm water. NEVER use a solution that is hot to the touch.
      4. Screw on the cap. Push the tip down to close the cap and shake.
      5. Discard the solution after one week and remix a new batch after washing and rinsing the bottle and cap. Rinse cap after each use.
      6. Always store the solution at room temperature.

    Using Nasopure
    The best way to use Nasopure is in the shower, or while leaning over a sink.
      1. Pull the tip open and place the bottle tip into one nostril creating a good seal. Keep your head straight and look forward. Point the bottle tip toward the back of the throat with the bottom of the bottle elevated. DO NOT point the tip upward.
      2. Seal your throat with your tongue as if you were gargling, or beginning to make a “K” sound, or just hold your breath.

      PLEASE NOTE: Learning how to block your throat may take practice. Blocking the throat prevents solution from reaching the mouth, resulting in a salting taste. If this occurs, it is not harmful.

      3. Gently squeeze the bottle allowing solution to wash along the nasal floor and exit the opposite nostril.

      PLEASE NOTE: When first washing your nose, you may experience a slight burning sensation. This is normal and will diminish after repeated use.

      4. Switch nostrils and repeat.
      5. Allow nose to drain freely few moments, then gently blow.
      If ear popping occurs, blow more gently or simply allow solution to drain out naturally.
      6. To allow any trapped solution to drain, bend forward at the waist and gently rotate your head from side to side.
      7. Blow the nose gently after allowing the solution to drain naturally.
    For Young Children
    If your child has recurrent ear or sinus problems, is disabled, or has difficulty tolerating the wash, consult your doctor.
      1. Always have the child maintain an upright position to prevent choking. Allow the child to do as much of the washing themselves, as appropriate for his/her abilities.
      2. Use 1/2 Swish Stix in the smaller, Little Squirt to go™ (4 oz.) bottle for better control.
      3. Have the child sit on an adult lap or straight-backed chair, leaning forward, bending at the waist. Gently squeeze a small amount of solution (approx


      This product is intended for single user. Consult your doctor if your symptoms worsen of if you have a significant medical condition.

      **When using any neti pot or wash, you should only use water that has been boiled, filtered or distilled.  If boiled let the water cool down before using.

    About Nasopure
    Dr. Hana's Nasopure is an all-natural nasal cleansing system that quickly and safely washes away pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses and mucus — the primary causes of nasal and sinus allergies, infection, and discomfort. Dr. Hana's patented nasal wash system is one of the most effective and convenient nasal irrigation systems on the market today.
    5900 N Tower Drive
    PORT CHESTER, NY, 65202
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