Seventh Generation - Chlorine Free Training Pants 2T-3T (up to 34 lb.) 29 Pack -

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Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants 2T-3T (up to 34 lbs.) 29 Pack

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants 2T-3T (up to 34 lbs.) offers the same soft, cloth-like comfort and excellent performance of Seventh Generation diapers, while also featuring inner leak barriers for superior leakage protection and stretchy side panels for better fit. Your baby is growing up fast and you know what that means: time to graduate from Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers to Chlorine-Free Training Pants. The next step for your growing toddler, Seventh Generation Training Pants are free of chlorine processing; they are also free of fragrances, latex and petroleum-based lotions, so you get to decide what touches your toddler's sensitive skin.

  • 2T-3T: up to 34 lbs., 29 training pants
  • Wood pulp processed without chemicals containing chlorine
  • Soft, cloth-like comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stretchy, tear-away side panels for better fit and convenience
  • Inner leak barriers for superior leakage protection
  • Fragrance and latex free
  • Free of Petroleum Based Lotions

Seventh Generation discloses all ingredients. You have the right to know what makes their training pants safe for the environment and your baby as well as effective at keeping your baby dry and comfortable. They include a list of ingredients on all their baby care products.

Seventh Generation is committed to becoming the world's most trusted brand of authentic, safe, and environmentally-responsible products for a healthy home. For 20 years, the closely held Burlington, Vermont-based company has been at the forefront of a cultural change in consumer behavior and business ethics.

One of the country's first self-declared "socially responsible" companies, Seventh Generation is a business that operates according to a new and different set of principles and values that in many ways are a marked departure from those long considered "traditional." Its business practice is focused on offering people avenues to express their idealism, passion, and commitment to causes larger than themselves at every point along its supply chain—from suppliers and partners to shareholders, customers and its own staff.

The company derives its name from the Great Law of the Iroquois that states, "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." Every time you use a Seventh Generation product you are making a difference by saving natural resources, reducing pollution, keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment and making the world a safer place for this and the next seven generations.

Seventh Generation Global Imperatives

  • Restore the Environment: Restore is the next reduce, reuse, recycle. Seventh Generation is working to ensure that their products have a circular lifecycle, meaning natural resources are being used and renewed at a rate that is always below their rate of depletion.
  • Inspire Conscious Consumption: Seventh Generation's focus is to inspire thoughtful consideration of each purchase—from the immediate impact of the products you buy (Is it safe? Is it gentle on the earth? Does it work?), to the broader impact throughout their lifecycle.
  • Create a Just and Equitable World: Seventh Generation is committed to making sure that everyone their company interacts with—from the farmers who grow their lavender to the customers who use these products—are treated fairly and with respect.   

Seventh Generation Operating Principles

  • Systems Thinking: As suggested by The Great Law of the Iroquois, Seventh Generation strives to act with the knowledge that their business belongs to a larger system in which everything is interconnected, and that everything they do affects everything else.
  • Radical Transparency: Seventh Generation believe that the best way to ensure that they live up to their aspirations is to be completely transparent about their business and product practices. You should expect to see all of their values and principles in everything they make, say, and do. It’s really that simple.
  • Influence Beyond Their Size: Seventh Generation is determined to inspire others through innovation, education, and interaction. They proudly donate 10% of their profits to support organizations that work for positive change.

Suggested Use

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Please flush solid waste, not the training pants!  When you throw away used training pants, empty the contents into the toliet, wrap training pants tightly and throw away.  Keeping human waste out of the landfill is safer for us all. 

We care about your toddler's safety and we want to remind you that this package, or a torn piece of training pants, could cause a choking hazard for your child.  And like any piece of clothing, training pants are flammable.

Seventh Generation training pants are made of chlorine free wood pulp fluff, sodium polyacrylate (also referred to as SAP or absorbent gel), polyolefin nonwoven fabric, adhesives, polyolefin film, synthetic rubber elastic strands.

The color of training pants is typically achieved through the addition of color pigments to their inner and outer cover materials. This is also true for Seventh Generation training pants. While most designs on the market use pigments that result in a white color, they use a combination of pigments that result in a light brown color. Without the addition of color pigments, these materials would be colorless, much like a plastic milk jug. They use brown pigments to help distinguish Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants from others in the marketplace that are bleached with chlorine-containing substances.

All disposable training pants, including Seventh Generation’s, rely on man-made materials to deliver the high-level performance that parents expect of modern training pants. These materials are mostly petroleum-derived and are not renewable, which adversely impacts the environmental footprint associated with these products. At Seventh Generation, they are pleased to offer an alternative that is not bleached with chlorine, and are working hard to further improve the sustainability of their diaper products.

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By BRENDA (Prosser , WA )

these pull-ups are awesome. these are softer than the huge name brands of non-"chlorine-free" diapers. and they keep everything VERY well contained. they have gussets at the legs that hold tight but are not 'tight' on the child's legs. they are very stretchy at the legs and at the waist. they have cute markings on the front (like, "1-2-*tree*") and on the back it says "back" these are wonderful and work equally as good on girls as they do on boys - have used them on both :) you will love these - even if you aren't super fond of the diapers that seventh generation does.

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About Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is the nation's leading brand of non-toxic and environmentally safe household products. With distribution in thousands of natural product and grocery stores nationwide, the company has become the authority when it comes to products that protect your health and the planet. It has also won over 15 major awards that recognize their efforts to preserve the environment. Seventh Generation derives its name from the Iroquois belief that "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." Every time you use a Seventh Generation product, you are making a difference by saving natural resources, reducing pollution, keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment and making the world a safer place for this and the next seven genera