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Vibrant Health - Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet - 12.7 oz.
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Vibrant Health - Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet - 12.7 oz.

The Powdered Master Cleanse
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Vibrant Health - Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet - 12.7 oz.

  • Item# :72278
    UPC# :074306800541
  • Brand:Vibrant Health
  • Size/Form:12.70  oz.
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Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet - 12.7 oz. (360 grams)

Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet is the rapidly soluble, convenient, powdered version of the lemonade diet. Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet purpose is to mobilize and eliminate toxins stored in fatty tissue, liver, kidney and other organs. Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet provides sufficient vitamins and minerals concentrated from the flowing early Spring sap of northern Maple trees, along with freeze dried organic lemon juice, and a dash of organic cayenne pepper. Reconstituted in water, they provide sustenance as the sole source of nutrition in a lemonade diet intended to take the place of regular meals as a short term liquid fast. Liquefied nutrients are more easily taken up. As a result, the hard work of digestion and absorption is reduced during the period of time spent on Vibrant Cleanse. At the same time, the processes of cellular waste removal and elimination continue.

The lemonade cleansing diet has been used for decades. It was designed and initially promoted in 1942 by Naturopath Stanley Burroughs as a liquid fast to rid the body of toxins. Industrial pollutants in the air we breathe and water we drink, chemical residues in processed foods, strange molecules from our medicines, and cooking pans, have all embedded themselves in tissues and organs. No one in the world is exempt. The unwelcome metabolic waste and foreign substances are sent on their way out of the body through major excretory channels: The urinary tract, bowels, breath, and perspiration. People feel revitalized, and most notice a loss of excess body fat as the detoxification process moves forward.

Cleansing Benefits:

  • Eliminates Excess Waste
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Increases Mental Focus
  • Clearer Skin and Shinier hair
  • Leaves you feeling great!

Organic Grade B Maple Syrup Powder
Maple syrup is, of course, a great source of easily absorbed carbohydrate (98% sucrose and glucose), yet only provides about 60 calories in each serving. It also delivers a broad range of minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and copper) plus organic acids utilized in the Krebs (energy producing) cycle inside each cell’s mitochondria. These include malic, citric, fumaric and succinic acids. There are also small to trace amounts of B-vitamins. Grade B syrup is darker in color and richer in flavor than syrup made from early flowing sap gathered in the first few days of the maple sugaring season. As time goes on, and the trees’ roots have more time to absorb nutrients from the soil, nutrient content of the sap improves and the resultant syrup darkens.

Organic Lemon Juice Crystals
Lemon juice crystals add vitamin C with vitamin A and additional amounts of B-complex vitamins and minerals.

Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder
The Cayenne pepper in Vibrant Cleanse is a tonic to stimulate digestion, elimination and cellular expulsion of waste products.

Why Cleanse?
The purpose of Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse cleansing fast is to remove metabolic waste and accumulated environmental toxins from the cells of the body. Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse is intended to dissolve and eliminate cellular waste to preserve youth and elasticity regardless of your years.

How to Cleanse
During the cleanse, you will not eat any solid foods. You will drink 6-8 glasses of Vibrant Cleanse per day. You can have unlimited amounts of water, and herbal tea. You can stay on Vibrant Cleanse for as little as 3 days and with the guidance of a health professional, up to 30 days. A 10 day cleansing fast is common.

Laxative Complete elimination and cleansing can be accelerated if desired through the use of an effective laxative herb tea (Senna or Smooth Move) in the morning and/or evening. Most find it more convenient and helpful to drink a gentle laxative tea at night to aid morning elimination.

Salt Water Purge
A thorough cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract can be achieved through the additional use of an internal salt water bath composed of two level teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt dissolved in one quart lukewarm water. The entire quart is to be taken on an empty stomach. Total elimination can be expected within an hour or two, and sometimes even more quickly. Multiple eliminations may occur. The salt water purge will quickly flush toxins released during the fast.

Post Cleanse: Breaking the Cleansing Fast
When you have finished cleansing you must slowly reintroduce foods.

  • Day 1: You can drink unlimited amounts of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. It is a good idea to fortify 1 or 2 servings with added Field of Greens or Green Vibrance green food powders.
  • Day 2: You can have unlimited amounts of fruit and vegetable juices, and warm vegetable broth. Again, fortification with Field of Greens or Green Vibrance enhances replenishment of key nutrients.
  • Day 3: You may begin eating whole fruits and vegetables and unlimited vegetable broth.
  • Day 4-10: Now you are ready to introduce other food sources. Vegetables cooked soft, herb teas, fresh vegetable and fruit juices should be used for 5 to 7 days.
  • Day 11+: Concentrated proteins (i.e. meat, fish and eggs) may be reintroduced in small amounts, increasing the portions gradually over the next 10 days.

After successful cleansing you may use Vibrant Cleanse to replace 1 or 2 meals a day for maintenance.

  • Long term
    It's suggested you consider modifying your diet to maintain the benefits of the cleanse. A diet absent of grains, with more fruit and vegetables, and less animal protein and fats, will be healthy and invigorating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are organic lemons used in Vibrant Cleanse?
Organic lemons are used in Vibrant Cleanse because they are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or contaminants. Lemons are used to provide a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful and effective antioxidant that protects our bodies from free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Excessive oxidative stress, or "cellular rust," can lead to a host of severe medical conditions, such as atherosclerosis that can cause both heart disease and stroke, and is associated with many different types of cancer, including lung, mouth, throat, colon, stomach and esophagus. Vitamin C also helps to regenerate your supplies of vitamin E (another useful antioxidant).

What is Vibrant Cleanse and why was it designed?
Vibrant Cleanse was designed as a powered version of the “Lemonade Diet”. The Lemonade Diet was designed by Naturopath Stanley Burroughs as a liquid fast to rid the body of toxins: industrial pollutants in the air we breathe and the water we drink, chemical residues in processed foods, and strange molecules from our medicines and cooking pans, have all embedded themselves in tissues and organs.

Why is cayenne pepper used?
The inclusion of cayenne pepper in Vibrant Cleanse is primarily to aid in the healing of intestinal lesions. Cayenne is great for the stomach and the intestinal tract. It stimulates the peristaltic motion of the intestines and aids in assimilation and elimination. Notwithstanding its hot taste, paradoxically it is actually superb for rebuilding the tissue in the stomach, facilitating healing with stomach and intestinal ulcers. It can help break up mucus as well as supply many B and C Vitamins.

What can I drink while cleansing?
You may drink decaffeinated herbal tea throughout the day to help break up the monotony of cleansing. A mint tea can also be used occasionally to assist in cleansing as well as to neutralize mouth and body odors that may be released during the cleansing process. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help aid in elimination.

Can I eat while cleansing?
Vibrant Cleanse was designed to be a short term "liquid" fast to rid the body of toxins. To achieve the best possible results, it is important that you do not consume any food during the fasting phase. When you have completed your cleanse you may use Vibrant Cleanse anytime as a meal replacement for one or more meals.

How much potassium is in Vibrant Cleanse?
There are 35 milligrams of potassium per tablespoon of Vibrant Cleanse which is delivered from the Grade B maple syrup.

Will I be fatigued while on the cleanse?
Fatigue is not always a complaint, but there has been feedback from consumers stating the first 2 days were the worst for hunger and headaches. Your body is getting rid of toxins and this is common. After the first 2 days, symptoms tend to subside and the cleanse gets easier. In fact, you will begin to feel more energy as your body is not bogged down with the process of digestion. 

I don’t want to lose weight while cleansing, is there anything I can do?
Add more Grade B maple syrup to each glass. BUT remember you are losing mucus and waste so some initial weight loss will occur.

I am taking medications prescribed by my doctor; can I still use the product?
Please consult your doctor first! This product is designed to flush out all your organs; therefore, medications will NOT be fully absorbed. If you choose to cleanse, medications should be taken in the AM before you start the cleanse for the day.

Should I take a multi-vitamin?
Again, the Vibrant Cleanse is designed to flush out organs, taking a multi-vitamin won’t hurt you if you choose to take it, but it will more than likely not be absorbed.

Can this product help me lose weight?
Yes this product will help in weight loss if used as a liquid fast. You will consume only Vibrant Cleanse 6 to 8 times per day and drink plenty of water and unlimited amounts of herbal tea. Your body will utilize the stores of fat for energy therefore you will lose weight while cleansing. However, this was not designed as a weight loss product. Once normal eating resumes you may see the weight that was lost return.

Can I use hot water to mix it with?
Yes, Vibrant Cleanse can be mixed with hot or cold water. Some people find that mixing with hot water and drinking like a tea can be more fulfilling. Make sure you are drinking 6 to 8 glasses or cups per day and plenty of water to aid in proper elimination.

Are there other ways to take the Vibrant Cleanse?
It can be mixed with hot or cold water or made into ice cubes.

About Vibrant Health
Vibrant Health is a brand for those seeking, well… vibrant health. Their promise is to design and market the most nutritionally valuable food supplements they can for the benefit of all men, women, and children. Delivering on that promise is a serious endeavor, and they work diligently toward that end for you.

Vibrant Health's products provide supplemental nutrition that supports human biochemistry. The human body carries an infinite wisdom that guides it toward optimum health in response to appropriate dietary improvements. The steady decline in trace nutrient value of their fresh foods — as evidenced in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's analyses of their food supply — has, in the opinion of Vibrant Health, established a mandate for supplemental nutrition. They believe supplemental nutrition is no longer an option, it is instead a necessity if one hopes to achieve robust and vibrant health.

In the category of green foods, their Green Vibrance was the first green superfood introduced into health food stores in 1992. Since that time, Green Vibrance has undergone twelve reformulations in order to incorporate the latest nutritional materials that will enhance the underlying rationale of Green Vibrance. They have addressed joint health in the same way, introducing Joint Vibrance in 1995. Joint Vibrance is the most comprehensive formula for the support of joint health, and includes botanical ingredients synergistic to the nutritional roles of Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulfate (CSA), MSM and hydrolyzed bovine and avian collagen.

Urinary tract health is addressed through U.T. Vibrance and U.T. Biotic. The former is a formula based on D-mannose and complementary botanical ingredients. The latter provides cranberry extract and probiotic bacteria intended to maintain the proper microbiota associated with healthy urogenital tissue. Their patented Cran-Max capsules are recommended as regular, daily supplemental nutrition for urinary tract health, yet the product may be even more valuable to vascular health. Its broad range anti-oxidant properties also make it valuable as a general nutritional supplement.

Curcuminoids from standardized turmeric extract are found in two potencies in the Vibrant Health line, 250 mg. Curcuminoid-95+ and Maximized Curcuminoids at a strength of one gram per tablet. More anti-oxidants are found in Life Preserver, their multiple antioxidant formula that goes far beyond the standard A, C, E and Zinc to incorporate alpha-lipoic acid, CoQ10 plus a full range of water soluble, fat soluble, botanical and mineral antioxidants. They have yet to see any other antioxidant formula that is so complete or presents so bold a position of support for cellular health.

Vibrant Health's combination of soy phytosterols (i.e., beta-Sitosterol, Stigmasterol, Campesterol, Brassicasterol, Ergostanol, Stigmastanol, etc.) and policosanol in pleasant, chewable Enhanced Cholesterol Blocker tablets delivers plant substances known to be effective in blocking absorption of dietary cholesterol with potential benefits to blood cholesterol levels. Glycemic Vibrance H capsules provide trace nutrients that may support normal blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Vibrant Health's quest for the plant with the greatest biomass of sulfated polysaccharides led us to red marine algae of the family Gigartinaceae. Several of these Gigartina red marine algae have shown themselves to be the best sources yet discovered of sulfated polysaccharides. Vibrant Health's Gigartina Red Marine Algae combines the five strains of Gigartina shown to deliver the most sulfated polysaccharides.

A costly extract of their algae isolates the sulfated polysaccharides of Gigartina Red Marine Algae into what we call RMA extract. They then incorporate the extract into a unique ointment based on emu oil with herbs and essential oils. The result is RMA Ointment, a quiet little product with ability to soothe skin. Plants can be the source of many key nutrients. Vibrant Health has turned to them as the source for highly bioavailable trace minerals. Their newest phyto mineral is a patented calcium fructo-borate, a form of boron found in plants. The patent for the material in their Super Natural Boron confirms its ability to support normal levels of hormonal Vitamin D and testosterone. Keeping these hormones at optimal levels helps maintain bone health, as has long been known. Every mammalian species tested, in fact, has shown improved calcium retention and strengthened bone tissue under supplemental doses of boron that would equate to 3 milligrams daily in humans. Current evaluations of their food supply and eating habits place the daily dietary intake of boron from food at 1 to 1.25 mg.

50% of your body's immune cells line the intestinal tract. They're your first line of defense in your immune system. Their Immune Defense links bovine serum immunoglobulins (a more concentrated source than colostrum) with arabinogalactans, RMA extract and beta glucans into a powerful immune support formula.

Zinc is an important support nutrient for immunity too - and for many other structures and functions. Without enough of it, we can't grow, repair damaged tissue, digest food, taste food, smell anything and carry on over 380 other enzymatically controlled bodily functions. Vibrant Health thought zinc was a fine place to start building a line of mineral supplements. A Man's Zinc joins zinc arginate with soy sterols. Kreb's Zinc offers a general purpose supplement of the full Krebs complex zinc for the entire family.

As a dietary supplement, mix one (1) level scoop (enclosed), 15 grams, of Vibrant Cleanse powder into 8 ounces of very warm water, or cold water if you prefer, and drink. Repeat up to six (6) to eight (8) times throughout the day.

Note: The following techniques should be applied during periods when you have control of your day's events.

Laxative: Complete elimination and cleansing can be accelerated if desired through the use of an effective laxative herb tea in the morning and/or evening.

Salt Water Purge: A final and thorough cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract can be achieved through the additional use of an internal salt water bath composed of two level teaspoons of un-iodized sea salt dissolved in one quart luke-warm water. The entire quart is to be taken on an empty stomach. Total elimination can be expected within an hour. Multiple eliminations may occur.

Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet - 12.7 oz. (360 g)
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 level scoop (15 g)
Servings Per Container: 24
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 59
Calories from fat 2
Total Carbohydrate 14 g 5%
   Sugars 12 g
Vitamin C 6.6 mg 11%
Calcium 19.35 mg 2%
Iron 0.1 mg <1%
Grade B Maple Syrup powder (certified organic) 12.71 g *
Lemon Juice crystals (certified organic) 2.15 g *
Cayenne pepper powder (certified organic) 140 mg *
*Daily Value Not Established.
99 Railroad Street
Canaan, CT,
Phone: 18002421835 Email: Click here Visit website

About Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health was established in 1983 and has been responsible for providing outstanding service, products and information ever since. The company’s specialty is in providing high quality, natural supplements with information and research.

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By (Las Vegas , NV )

was not what I thought. I did this cleanse for 7days .the water keeps you full and I P'd a lot.i only had two BM's the whole time.on the eighth day I was so very hungry it wasn't even funny.

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By (Riverview , FL )

This mix is a life saver and a great alternative to the master cleanse diet. It tastes great and also less time consuming as it would if you would make the master cleanse recipe yourself. I also get the same results as the original diet.

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