The Ultimate Life - The Ultimate Sweetener - 100% Pure Birch Sugar (909g) - 1.75 lbs.
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The Ultimate Life - The Ultimate Sweetener - 100% Pure Birch Sugar (909g) - 1.75 lbs.

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The Ultimate Life - The Ultimate Sweetener - 100% Pure Birch Sugar (909g) - 1.75 lbs.

  • Item# :68566
    UPC# :754545800020
  • Brand:The Ultimate Life
  • Size/Form:1.75  lbs.
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The Ultimate Life - The Ultimate Sweetener 100% Pure Birch Sugar - 1.75 lbs. (909 g)

The Ultimate Sweetener 100% Pure Birch Sugar is the finest natural sweetening agent available anywhere at any price. It is perfect for baking, dissolves quickly, looks and tastes like sugar but has no aftertaste or side effects.  Derived from birch bark, The Ultimate Sweetener is 100% pure birch sugar (also known as Xylitol). No birch trees are ever cut down for the extraction of the Xylis (the chemical name for the sweetener in the birch bark).

Why choose The Ultimate Sweetener?
First, it has only half the calories of sugar! Second, it is the only natural sweetener that does not promote tooth decay and gum disease which is why it is used in premium toothpaste and mouthwash. Third, in spite of the fact that it is a pure carbohydrate, it is metabolized very slowly. This helps prevent sugar highs and lows experienced by people who have diabetes, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, candida (yeast infection) or any condition caused by sugar imbalance.

FYI - Almost all white and brown sugar produced and sold in this country incorporates a step in its processing which would probably shock most people: since raw cane sugar is brown and sticky, almost all sugar refineries use slaughterhouse animal bone ash as a filtering agent to remove the molasses, thus creating free-flowing white sugar. As for brown sugar, it is not much better because it is white sugar with the molasses added back into it! Only raw and turbinado sugars do not involve this hideous process, but they still cause sugar highs and lows.

How does The Ultimate Sweetener differ from Stevia? The primary distinctions of Stevia Extract are the following:

  • It is 50-100X sweeter than sugar, yet it is virtually calorie-free.
  • It has a slight licorice aftertaste.
  • It does not help baked goods rise.
  • It is ideal for Candida.

Experience and compare it for yourself. Though not inexpensive, you will find that it is indispensable to help prevent the undesirable effects caused by other sweeteners.

  • 100% Natural Birch Sugar
  • Looks & Tastes Like Sugar
  • 1 to 1 Ratio with Sugar
  • 1/2 The Calories of Sugar
  • Metabolized Slowly
  • No Sugar Highs or Lows
  • Safe for Diabetics  
  • Safe for Hypoglycemics
  • Safe for Candida
  • Safe for Chronic Fatigue
  • Dissolves Quickly
  • Perfect for Baking
  • Does NOT Promote Cavities
  • No Aftertaste or Side Effects
  • Bone Ash & Dairy-Free
  • Imported from Europe
  • Vegan & Kosher
  • Reasonably Price
  • Guaranteed

Freshness & Shelf-Life:
The Ultimate Life products are packaged using the following state-of-the-art methods for maintaining their extremely high standards for freshness: 

  • Nitrogen Purged: This displaces the oxygen in all of their containers, virtually eliminating oxidation
  • Induction Sealed: Unlike cheap pressure-sensitive (PS) seals, theirs are completely and absolutely air tight
  • Shelf-Life: Conservatively, about 3 years before breaking seal and 6 months after for all of The Ultimate Life products except for The Ultimate Meal (2 months after)

Important Facts You Ought to Know about The Ultimate Life:

  1. The Ultimate Life is not a public company & will never be one, because profit is not their primary motive (proven by their prices, which have increased only 20% in 3 decades). Their goal has always been to keep their products affordable enough for absolutely anyone in any economic category. None of their products should ever be a luxury or even unaffordable. This is also one of many reasons why The Ultimate Life is not a multi-level company & word-of-mouth is still their only source of advertising.
  2. Considering the astronomical cost of the ultimate ingredients, state-of-the-art packaging materials & procedures they use to preserve optimum freshness & potency, necessitating the smallest profit margin in the industry, everyone said it couldn't be done, but they are still here 3 decades+ later. That's because they don’t use company reps, brokers, or distributors, & they do not advertise. After all, it's always you, the customer, who ends up paying for all that. Great word-of-mouth is free... but only if the products actually work, & they are truly a great value.
  3. They innovate... not imitate. The goal isn’t for their products to simply be better than everything else on the market, it’s for them to be the absolute best they can possibly be, at any given time. This is also why their research never stops & all their products are constantly evolving, even though the 1st evolution of every one of them would easily annihilate anything available today.
  4. They are dedicated to investing in the ultimate ingredients, & this extremely informative website which does not insult your intelligence by assuming you have a short attention span, & only interested in hype.
  5. They use only recyclable packaging, digital photography & digital printing with vegetable ink (chemical & animal-free), on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
  6. Almost all products on the market are designed to be sold...they only happen to be used. The Ultimate Life products (from day one) were designed to be used... they only happen to be sold. This was never intended to be a business... it became one... which is why virtually everything about them is different from every company you have or will come across.

The Ultimate Life Credo
At The Ultimate Life, they do not manufacture nor do they suggest using most or all of their products to create more profit... far from it. They do it because they believe it is the only way to achieve the highest level of well-being. The key is the way their products work together synergistically. Also, they have found no one is willing to manufacture products with the unusually high standards they have created. Don't forget, everything they make is guaranteed and risk-free.

The Ultimate Life Story
In 1981, Sam Gerard moved to Santa Barbara, California, where he started & ran a business, totally unrelated to the health industry. This was when he had an epiphany: "My body is the only shell I'll occupy, so I will never take it for granted". So he decided to live up to his perfectionism, & became obsessed with eating perfectly. Utilizing the knowledge he'd acquired from pre-med courses, he immersed himself in researching & studying the nutritional & ecological aspects of the ideal human diet, based upon clinical human studies worldwide, as well as personal experience, made even more relevant due to his extremely sensitive skin & digestive system.

This led to the following discovery: The ultimate sources of nourishment for the human body do not come in the form of synthetic pills & powders, cooked or processed foods, or any animal product in any form. They come in the form of raw &/or properly sprouted, preferably freeze-dried & certified organic plant foods, which have their nutrients & enzymes intact, as they do in nature.

However, since most of us often live in an unnaturally stressful environment, & free radicals are the primary cause of aging & diseases, it's also important to supplement our diets with concentrated anti-oxidants derived from plants, in proper quantities. In most cases (healthy humans under 40), this would eliminate the need for supplementation virtually entirely.

By now Sam had become a nutritional consultant, while he spent 4 hours daily creating, preparing his intricate & ultra-healthy meals. However, in spite of his overall well-being reaching new peaks, being an efficiency fanatic, he started researching a more efficient way of nourishing himself, without compromising his standards.

He discovered many "superfoods" were the answer, some of which were the ultimate. But when he looked for a product that contained nothing but those ultimate ingredients, there was nothing... a fact that holds true to this day. Everything had their token 1 or 2 good, or maybe even great ingredients, with the rest being virtually worthless fillers.

This is when Sam decided to make his own concoction, with nothing but the ultimate. Period.

After numerous formulations, he found the ultimate, which surpassed every expectation. When those around him wanted it as well... then started telling everyone about 'The Ultimate Powder', he renamed it The Ultimate Meal, trademarked the name, had it packaged professionally, & started to make it available to the general public as well. It was 1982, & the response was unbelievable, followed by exponential growth.

As the years went by & new information & better ingredients became available, Sam continued improving The Ultimate Meal & called them Evolutions. Then, again due to their lack of existence, he created & formulated other products, all of which go through their own evolutions. This is why all their products are the ultimate they can possibly be at any given time.

THE ULTIMATE TEST: On November 28th, 1988, Sam had an opportunity to put his program to the ultimate test when he was struck, then run over by a truck, while crossing the street as a pedestrian. He suffered numerous injuries, the worst being his left femur, which was crushed into 3 pieces, one of which stuck out of his skin.

PROGNOSIS: Sam was told he would have a limp, shooting pains, & rheumatoid arthritis, plus need a cane, for the rest of his life. He was 30.

However, none of it came true. With the help of Tai-Chi & his ultimate vegan diet, which included The Ultimate Meal (their other products came later) with the Horsetail herb (which he'd just discovered in his quest to prove all the "experts" wrong), he exceeded every prognosis & expectation by healing almost completely, and at record speed. The results were so undeniable & spectacular, that the orthopedic surgeon started prescribing it to his patients.

By the early nineties, in order to meet the demand for The Ultimate Meal by health care practitioners & health food stores (who'd heard about it from their patrons), Sam stopped consulting and The Ultimate Life became the primary focus of his life.

Suggested Use

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Directions: use same amount as you would white sugar.
One Teaspoon = 4 grams = 9.6 calories
One Cup = 200 grams = 480 calories
The Ultimate Sweetener® is totally free of sugar, honey, corn syrup, fructose, bone ash, anything artificial, or animal products of any kind.


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Using excessively may cause a laxative effect. NOT SAFE FOR ANIMALS

Prop. 65 Warning
This product may contain one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Manufacturer Info

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Box 4308
Santa Barbara, CA,
Phone: 805-962-2221 Visit website

About The Ultimate Life

The Ultimate Life is not a public company & will never be one, because profit is not their primary motive. None of their products should ever be a luxury. This is also one of many reasons why they’re not a multi-level company. Considering the astronomical cost of the ultimate ingredients & state-of-the-art packaging, everyone said it couldn't be done with the smallest profit margin in the industry, but they are still here, & even setting the standard for over 3 decades. That's because they don’t use company reps, brokers, or distributors, & word of mouth is still their primary source of advertisement.

They use only recyclable packaging, digital photography & digital printing with vegetable ink (chemical & animal-free), on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. They innovate... not imitate. Their goal isn’t for the products to simply be ‘better’ than everything else on the market, but for them to be the absolute best they can possibly be, at any given time. After all, the Founder and CEO, Samuel Gerard personally uses them daily! This is also why their research never stops & their products are constantly evolving. This is even though the 1st evolution of every product they ever made would easily surpass anything available today.

Finally, almost all products on the market are designed to be sold... they only happen to be used. The Ultimate Life products (from day one) were designed to be used... they only happen to be sold. This was never intended to be a business... it became one.


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100%12 out of 12 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.
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By (Indianapolis , IN )

By far the best sugar substitute I've tried to date! I purchased a powdered version at Earth Fare but it had a stronger aftertaste than this granular version. I haven't tried cooking with it yet and I'm not sure that I will given the cost. Overall, very satisfied and will be keeping it on hand for my morning coffee!

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By (Canyon Lake , TX )

Pros: This does not have an aftertaste, tastes like sugar. No highs/lows. Good for dieters. Cons: Not granulated like sugar, does NOT dissolve quickly; and yes, trying for the first time or take too much, and it has a laxative effect. The only reason this has 4 clovers is because of the dissolving quality.

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By (Virginia Beach , VA )

This is the best sweetener available in the market. It doesnt cause sugar high or low. This is best recommended for people with Diabetes. No after taste and it goes great with baking too. I use this for coffee, tea..

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This is one of the best products out there. My only complaint is that they charge the same price for 1/4 less the amount of product. They've made their containers smaller. The birch sweetener is absolutely the best you can get. The corn sweetener (xylotol) cannot be trusted any longer. We do not know if the corn is GMO. The birch sweetener is from a tree. I've been using this product for years now. And recommend it to everyone.

Was this review helpful?Yes0No0Thank you for your response.

By (Saugus , CA )

tastes as good as cane sugar.

Was this review helpful?Yes0No0Thank you for your response.

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