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About Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition is committed to extraordinary customer service in providing nutraceuticals that empower and augment your lifestyle.

Contact Metabolic Nutrition

10450 West McNab Road
Tamarac, FL, 33321

Metabolic Nutrition - Ametrol Carbohydrate Management & Removal - 90 Capsules Contains White Kidney Bean Extract CLEARANCE PRICEDPharmaceutical Grade

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Metabolic Nutrition Ametrol Pharmaceutical Grade Carbohydrate Management & Removal - 90 Capsules

Ametrol is a very powerful and effective Carbohydrate Management & Removal Weight Loss Solution specifically formulated to minimize carbohydrate absorption, manage & stabilize blood sugar levels, and facilitate a whole body cleanse...resulting in faster, more efficient weight loss. Ametrol addresses the 4 critical areas needed to obtain successful carbohydrate cleansing weight loss. Use of Ametrol is easy and will yield viable results within days!

  • Prevents Weight Gain
  • Eliminates Carb Bloating
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar
  • Controls Cravings
  • Fast Acting Cleanse

Ametrol works by addressing the 4 critical areas for successful weight loss:

  1. Minimizes carbohydrate absorption by binding Alpha-Amylase receptors.
  2. Controls blood glucose levels by supporting healthy insulin levels.
  3. Controls carbohydrate and sugar cravings.
  4. Cleanses dietary carbohydrates quickly from the body, preventing weight gain and excessive bloating.

Addicted to Carbs? Kick the Habit Today!
Achieve your ideal body by...

  • Lose excess water weight by dropping carbohydrate absorption!
  • All the benefits of Low-Carb diet without cutting carbs!
  • Gain the power to resist sweets!
  • Liberate yourself from food cravings & Stop Hunger in its tracks!

Listen up! many as 75% (seventy-five percent) of those who are overweight, and many normal-weight individuals as well, are carbohydrate addicted. If you find yourself compulsively eating sugary foods to get energy or, turn to pastas/breads/desserts when you are stressed out or, if your diet is slowly becoming strictly carbs then, your on the road to carbohydrate addiction.

How Does This Addiction Start?
Good question! Carbohydrate addiction is caused by an imbalance - when carbohydrate-rich foods are eaten results in an over production of the hormone, insulin. And it is this hormone "Insulin" which is behind your insatiable carbohydrate cravings!

Medical researchers explain it in this scientific way, "your body's hormone, insulin (it has long been referred to as the "hunger hormone"), is signaled by your body when you eat food which contain carbohydrates. Once the carb-rich food is consumed, insulin is released signaling your body to store the food in the form of fat. This immediate storage of nutrients bringing down sugar levels in the blood, but leaving little for energy production. Resulting in you feeling tired and wiped-out. In order to fight the drop in energy your body will again signal your appetite so that you eat more food to boost your energy. But, once again when you eat, more of your body's "hunger hormone" is released, causing the more food to be stored as fat!

It ends up turning into one big and vicious cycle which is hard to break leading some experts to refer to it as, "an addiction." Just to sum up, too much insulin results in too strong an impulse to eat too often resulting in a body that stores too much fat and gains too much weight."

Failure Is All Too Common
Carbohydrates and removing them entirely often results in even stronger cravings & more powerful addictions once you begin to eat them again (the yo-yo diet). So what is the solution? Carbohydrate experts say there is not one problem but rather, 4-problems areas which need to be addressed to provide the solution to Carbohydrate addiction.

The 4 problem areas are as follows:

  • Problem #1: properly digesting carbohydrates,
  • Problem #2: controlling carbohydrates in blood levels,
  • Problem #3: control insulin secretion, and lastly,
  • Problem #4: eliminating unwanted carbohydrates.

Introducing The Long Awaited Miracle...
Called Ametrol. Ametrol has been painstakingly developed over years of research to offer you the one and only rehab for your carbohydrate addition. Ametrol offers you a strategic 4-tiered solution which attacks your carbohydrate addiction head-on!

This latest nutraceutical discovery provides you the following:

  • Solution #1: ability to properly break down carbohydrates,
  • Solution #2: regulates blood carbohydrate levels,
  • Solution #3: ability to control insulin release, and
  • Solution #4: to give you the power to effectively eliminate unwanted.

With these 4 solutions, your problems are as good as gone!

It Couldn't Be Easier
Ametrol comes in easy to swallow capsules which start working the very first time you use them. Just take Ametrol when ever you anticipate eating a big carbohydrate meal and Ametrol guarantees that you never will succumb to the physical imbalance of unhealthy insulin release and carbohydrate addiction. Instead, you will feel increased long lasting energy, diminished sweet cravings, reduced hunger, increase sense of fullness, and most importantly the ability to lose weight and forever change the way your body looks! Leaving you with a lean, tight, healthy physique that turns heads were ever you go.

Take Advantage!
Don't be like the millions of people who are clueless that there is a physical problem which is making them crave carbohydrates and gain weight easily. Now you can empower yourself & lose weight by treating the underlying cause of your cravings and weight gain by taking Ametrol. Never again will you second guess if what you ate is going to make you fat. Now, you have the power to take control of your diet, your hunger and your weight loss goals!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Ametrol?
Ametrol is a physician-formulated capsule that prevents carbohydrate absorption by blocking the enzymatic conversion of starches and sugars. Active ingredients boost insulin sensitivity and excite insulin production to improve caloric utilization.

2. How fast does Ametrol work?
Ametrol starts working immediately to prevent carbohydrate absorption. Individual weight loss results will vary.

3. Do I need to exercise or modify my diet while using Ametrol?
No. Ametrol is not a regimen. Ametrol prevents your body's assimilation of starches and sugars to facilitate weight loss without any changes in lifestyle. You are in charge!

4. Is Ametrol safe to take with prescription medication?
If using prescription medication and/or certain over-the-counter products consult your private healthcare provider prior to administration of any dietary supplement.

Caution: Not to be used under the age of 18 or by individuals with hypoglycemia or by pregnant or lactating women. Consult with your private healthcare provider prior to administration if using prescription medication. Keep out of reach of children.

Weight Loss Solutions
Metabolic Nutrition's range of weight loss products will help you with any obstacle in the struggle to lose weight. Increase your metabolism for more effective work outs. Curb your appetite for carbs or fatty foods. Water retention problems? Drop unwanted water weight.

Suggested Use
To ensure fast - easy weight loss...take 1 to 2 capsules before each meal (AM, Noon and PM) to manage dietary carbohydrates. During the occasional "cheat" meal, take between 2-4 capsules (depending on amount of dietary carbohydrates) with 8 oz of water after, for carbohydrates which you are looking to cleanse from your diet. Do not exceed 8 capsules daily. Due to the strength of Ametrol, only use as a dietary aid to control carbohydrate absorption and utilization when low carbohydrate dietary goals cannot be achieved...or during the occasional "cheat" meal. Ametrol can be combined with other Metabolic Nutrition products to further enhance desired weight loss results.


Not to be used by person(s) under the age of 18 or by individuals under medical treatment for hypertension, heart disease, or by pregnant or lactating women. If using prescription medication, consult a health care professional prior to administration. If you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, shortness of breath, or similar symptoms; discontinue use and immediately call a health care professional. Exceeding recommended serving size will not improve results and may result in adverse health effects. Keep out of reach of children. Store product at room temperature. Do not expose to excessive heat or moisture.

Metabolic Nutrition Ametrol Pharmaceutical Grade Carbohydrate Management & Removal - 90 Capsules
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV*
Ametrol Carbohydrate Management/Removal Weight Loss Solution Proprietary Blend 2,240 mg
Phaseolus Vulgaris **
Vanadyl BMOV **
Chromium Polynicotinate 100%
Magnesium Citrate 25%
Alpha Lipoic Acid **
Gymnema Sylvestre **
Fenugreek **
Senna P.E. (3% stand. Sennosides) **
Slippery Elm Powder **
Aloe Vera P.E. **
Turkey Rhubarb **
Meridextrine **
**Daily Value Not Established.
+Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Dipotassium Phosphate, MCMC, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, FD & C Blue 1, Red 28, Green 3, Ti02, Gelatin
About Metabolic Nutrition
Metabolic Nutrition is committed to extraordinary customer service in providing nutraceuticals that empower and augment your lifestyle.
10450 West McNab Road
Tamarac, FL, 33321
Phone: 1-800-626-1022
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