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BumbleBar takes much pride in making delicious, certified-organic, certified gluten-free snacks. They also care a great deal about doing the right thing for people and the planet. The People, Profit, Planet concept is one that has been growing in popularity among socially responsible businesses in the past several years. People, Profit, Planet represents the “triple bottom line” of sustainable business talk. All three concepts are intertwined — if one suffers, they all suffer. People means that they work hard to create a great environment for their employees and develop wonderful relationships with their suppliers and their customers.

Most food companies farm out their production and become food marketers. BumbleBar believes in providing living wage jobs in their community of Spokane, WA. This is why they still handcraft the BumbleBar themselves. Additionally, their suppliers benefit from their unique loyalty program. This program lets their vendors know that they value their business practices as much as the pricing of their commodities. For example, they purchase most of their ingredients from worker owned cooperatives. Purchasing directly from the farmers means that the farmers don’t have to sell to brokers, who take a large chunk of their profit.

BumbleBar is committed to social and economic justice. And, buying directly from farmer owned co-ops benefits communities from Indonesia, Turkey, Nicaragua, Canada, and Honduras.Profit means that they need to be profitable to be a sustainable business — if they aren’t profitable, they can’t do their best work for the other two legs, people and the planet. Planet means that businesses must create business models that sustain the planet. BumbleBar goes beyond what most people might expect from an organic food company. They constantly monitor their waste stream, reducing their scrap products so they don’t end up in the landfill. Instead of throwing out underweight bars, they send them out as samples. They use eco-friendly paper products and biodegradable cleaning products. They use recycled shipping boxes to ship out their BumbleBars to folks who order directly on the web site, and they use Eco-Flow cornstarch packing peanuts. Invoices are printed on recycled paper.