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More About Bezwecken

“Bezwecken” is the German word for “to aim at, to achieve”. It was chosen as the name of the company because it embodies our mission: Aim to achieve excellence in the dietary supplement industry by providing healthcare professionals reliable and effective products at an affordable price. For the past 20+ years, Bezwecken has accomplished just that.

Bezwecken is a natural dietary supplement company dedicated to promoting effective alternatives for your patients health needs. We sell exclusively to licensed healthcare professionals because we strongly believe in the importance of the patient-practitioner relationship. We know that a person will get the best results from the use of our products under the care and supervision of a licensed professional, just like any other herbal supplement.

Bezwecken’s promise is to provide practitioners safe and effective products using only the highest quality ingredients for their patients. We manufacture and distribute a range of products that have been scientifically researched, formulated and developed by the founder, Dr. David K. Shefrin, ND. Dr. Shefrin is a well respected leader in the dietary supplement industry.