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More About The Perfect Bar & Company

The Swinging 60's
It was the 1960s and the mantra of the times was: "Turn on, tune in, drop out” But our father, Dr. William Keith, had another message: “Eat right, get fit and work out.” Dad opened his first gym, “Health House,” in Mission Beach, San Diego. Health House had a gym, a juice bar (something way ahead of its time) and was the scene of several muscle beach competitions.

As Dad continued to be a pioneer in the health industry, it was only natural that he joined forces with Jack LaLanne, the legendary workout guru. If you grew up in the 1960s and 70s, you certainly remember Jack LaLanne’s popular TV show. Eventually, Dad ended up becoming a Vice President at the LaLanne Paris Corporation. It was a partnership he was very proud of.

You are what you eat.
Our dad knew that good health begins with eating right. He became a founder of whole food supplementation. He practiced what he preached, and always followed a strict healthy, whole food diet. Naturally, he encouraged us kids to eat healthy too. We grew up not knowing the wonders of Cocoa Puffs and Twinkies. While we weren’t always so crazy about what Dad made us eat then, now that we’re older we appreciate the healthy foundation he gave us.

Road trip across America.
As the years passed, our family started to grow, and grow and grow. One year, Dad and Mom put all eight of us on a bus and we spent the next twelve months on the road while Dad taught others about nutritional “quality over quantity.” He had several products that he sold in stores across the country. Yes, those were some pretty cozy times on the bus but we look back on that time with fond memories.

Perfect Bars.
As children, we were subject to Dad’s continuous experiments in the kitchen. He would grind up natural whole food supplements and make healthy concoctions. (Yes, getting all our vitamins was never an issue in our household.) Finally in 1995, Dad hit the taste jackpot when he added whole food supplements to a mix of organic peanut butter and honey. They were small, delicious balls packed with nutritional awesomeness. Dad took one taste and just said, “It’s Perfect!” The Perfect Foods Bar was born.

In Dad’s footsteps.
Our family grew to number 13 of us brothers and sisters. (The one time where quantity = quality.)  And it was inevitable when the oldest siblings started creating their own healthy concoctions in the kitchen. In 2005, we decided to share Dad’s recipe with everyone and started Perfect Foods Research, rooted in the tradition of healthy living that was instilled in us from our youth.

The first few years were not easy, but having such a strong family and a delicious product has helped us continue to grow. Dad was there to watch the first few years of the growth of our family business. We were sad when he passed away in 2009, but it is with great joy that we work together as a family to keep his dream alive and share his nutrition principles with the world.