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More About Lippy Girl

Lippy Girl Makeup has the primary goal of producing professional quality cosmetics. The cosmetics with the Lippy Girl label are ecofriendly, natural, organic, vegetarian, and animal friendly. Neither the products nor ingredients are tested on animals, and their ingredients are natural, organic, vegetarian, and will never contain chemical preservatives.

Lippy Values: Trust, Respect, Integrity

The Lippy Girl vision is to be more than a makeup company: they aim to be a makeup movement. Their products prove that chemicals, animal additives, and testing are not required and are completely unnecessary for the generation of top quality makeup. Lippy Girl represents the message "makeup not madness".

Lippy Girl's triangle of core values are Trust, Respect, and Integrity. They believe that everything they are as a company is centered around these values. Trust means they aim to establish a communication open environment. They welcome questions, inquiries, and feedback - and guarantee their responses are as honest and transparent as possible. They aim to provide products and service that people can rely on and believe in.

Respect represents Lippy Girl's commitment to value people, animals, and the environment.

Integrity is the hallmark of Lippy Girl. They aim to observe the highest ethical standards in their operations.

Lippy Girl Makeup was founded by Darcey Diehl. Darcey is a working mother from Vancouver BC. After her 1st pregnancy, Darcey began to evaluate the foods she consumed, becoming a think-a-tarian and watching carefully what she put in her body. During her second pregnancy Darcey extended this to what she put on her body, and began to investigate the cosmetic products available to her. Frustrated with the limited availability of products which are organic, animal friendly, and earth friendly, Darcey launched Lippy Cosmetics.