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More About Kind Soap Co.

The Kind philosophy is to always be three things. Kind to your skin, Kind to the earth, and Kind to others. Being Kind to your skin, means never formulating a product with the known skin irritants, hormone disruptors, and carcinogenic chemicals that are commonly found in other body care products. The highest quality natural ingredients are chosen, and all products are free of synthetic fragrance, color and dye, petroleum by-products, phthalates, formaldehyde releasing agents, parabens, and sulfates.

Being Kind to the earth involves eco-conscious decisions about packaging and processes at every turn. The goal is to reduce deforestation and depletion of natural resources by utilizing tree-free labels, water free printing, and vegetable based inks... to eliminate toxic emissions and polluted air and water by using only biodegradable product ingredients, and wind energy for printing... to stop the ever-growing mounds of non-biodegradable trash on land and sea by encouraging reuse and recycling of all packaging... and to reverse the negative effects human actions have had on the climate by buying locally when possible.

The third part of the philosophy is to always be Kind to others. A portion of every product sold goes to the Autism Speaks organization, in addition to funding many other worthy organizations, such as the Missouri Humane Society, through product sales and donations throughout the year. Kind also partners with WORTH Industries, a sheltered workshop in north St. Louis, for the labor of product packaging.

Jean Scholtes, the founder of Kind Soap Company adds, "Our goal in creating the family of Kind products was to not only be "natural for natural sake", but to also be the best product you've ever used, period. So many times we sacrifice one thing for another - effective OR natural, taste OR healthy, never both - well, we've turned that notion on its head.... We offer a better, more enjoyable product, that also happens to be natural, safe, and healthy."