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More About Activz

Activz is a natural products brand committed to simplifying the whole-foods lifestyle. Activz offers easy-prep, 100% whole-food products for people who want to improve their diets without sacrificing convenience. The first Activz product was a multivitamin supplement made from the 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by the CDC to prevent disease and support optimal health. Today, Activz offers a growing line of 28+ products that match the purity and convenience of that flagship product, including specialty supplements, pure protein shakes, nutrient-dense chia and fruit bars and a revolutionary line of fruit, vegetable and grass powders that quickly increase the nutrition value of any meal. Activz ingredients retain the full nutrient value of their original produce thanks to our gentle dehydration technology, which evaporates only water molecules and leaves nutrients completely intact. Activz is whole-food nutrition. Simplified.