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More About OmEssentials

As OmEssentials founder, Carl Germano, RD, CNS, CDN, embarked down his own yogic path, he became enlightened to the relationship between Om and nutrition. According to the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures, the significance of the sacred symbol of Om is the universal expression of life that soothes and nourishes the body and soul. Similarly, the essence of nutrition nourished our very being is the essential sustenance to sustain and fulfill the body and mind.

Drawing on his 30+ years of experience as a clinical nutritionist and product formulator, Carl set out to develop a line of nutritional supplements that merged a healthy yogic lifestyle and the science of nutrition. The OmEssentials line was founded on 3 core tenets:

  • Science: Provide an innovative line of scientifically advanced nutritional supplements with comprehensive formulations that blend advanced ingredients to address multiple pathways to health and dealing with injury and illness.
  • Purity: Use only the purest, natural ingredients with the highest degree of manufacturing quality; Prepare predominantly plant and nutraceutical-based formulas that are almost all vegetarian and allergen-free; Provide clear labeling with no hidden proprietary blends.
  • Integrity: Support the yoga and wellness communities by offering our products through yoga studios, wellness centers and spas; Develop formulas based on 30+ years of clinical nutritional practice and product development experience; Stay true to the core beliefs of yoga.