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More About Shoyeido

Shoyeido has been creating the world's finest natural incense products for over 300 years in Kyoto, Japan. We use different herbs, woods, and spices to formulate unique scents that are natural, with no synthetics, chemicals, or artificial fragrances.

Shoyeido's blending process is an art form. Highly trained "masters" draw upon centuries-old secrets to create masterworks of fragrance. These artisans carefully process the quality, balance, and ratio of every hand-selected natural ingredient. Only the finest raw materials are used.

With respect for the environment and a concern for green practices, Shoyeido continues to set the standard in the market of fragrance. We have procured permits from the international and domestic agencies to validate that our products are properly accounted for and responsibly harvested. None of our recipes contain animal ingredients, with no animal testing.