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More About Bikini Ready

About Us
At Bikini Ready, we’re all about helping you get the Bikini Body you want and keeping it year round. Our products – Weight Loss Catalyst, Fashion Multi, Cleanse Cleanse, and Yummy Shake Flavors – are specially designed just for women. A subsidiary of Inergetics Inc., an industry leader in the research and development of nutritional supplements, we are committed to helping our customers enjoy the safest ingredients and the most innovative nutraceutical science available to lead them on the path to better, happier, healthier lives.

We’re About You
How many times in your life have you passed up the opportunity to live in the moment because you were too self-conscious about your body to seize the moment? Confidence is everything and Bikini Ready is all about helping you gain that confidence by accessorizing your healthy lifestyle with Bikini Ready products that help you get that extra bit of help you need to have the kind of body you’ve always dreamed of. When you look great you have the confidence to live beyond your body. To live outwardly, so that when those moments of spontaneity come knocking, you don’t hesitate to say “YES!!”