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More About North Coast Organics

Hi, I am Nathan the founder of North Coast Organics. It is so hard to tell the story of North Coast Organics without acknowledging the profound impact of Debbie both as a mother and business partner. Yep, that’s right I am in business with my mother!

Growing up she greatly nurtured my intellectual curiosity. As freshman at college she became dismayed that I chose anthropology over computer science but she still supported my decision and was always proud of my work. It was an anthropological field study in rural Jamaica during my sophomore year that led me to be a veg-head, to eat organic foods, use natural body care products and be interested in all things green.

I combined my many interests, skills and professional experience into creating an organic deodorant that actually worked and was also vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly after not being able to find one. I had not worn a deodorant in 12 years at that point. No one complained in that time but maybe people were just being polite. However, I did realize that as a bike commuter in the hot, humid Chicago summer there would be complaints if I did not wear any deodorant. I started to make my own effective, organic deodorant after a fruitless search, a friend suggested I sell it, and North Coast Organics was born.

As a business partner, Debbie has made sure that North Coast Organics is able to meet the demand that I create. She is in charge of production and hand makes our products. We are bringing on additional staff soon, but until then she has hand made every item that we have sold to date. North Coast Organics would not be where we are at today without her hard work.

It has been fun to show my mother that my ‘crazy’ lifestyle isn’t so crazy after all. I don’t think she knew that there are so many people interested in certified organic, certified vegan, certified cruelty-free body care products. Plus she has learned much about the lifestyle that I have led for the past 14 years which has brought us even closer. It has been great to bond with my mother in this way in my 30s as in my 20s I was rarely around as I was usually off on some crazy adventure under the guise of ‘school’ or ‘work’.

Together, my mother and I are continuing to build North Coast Organics so that many more people can have access to ethical products that are good for them and the Earth. We are beyond thrilled that people across the world are enjoying the products that we create. We are so thankful for all the support we have received from all the fans, bloggers, event organizers, family, friends and you.

From our family to yours, thank-you for checking out our little corner on the vast interwebs.