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More About UP4

The Story of UP4 A Happier Inside, Probiotics with DDS-1: It's a 30-year obsession that started with a super strain. UP4 Probiotics is UAS LifeSciences and they’ve been making probiotics in the USA for more than 30 years.

How It All Began
They started life as UAS Laboratories in 1979, founded by Dr. S. K. Dash. Their first mission was to share with the world a premium strain of probiotic bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1. To this day, they’re proud to say, the trademarked strain is still unsurpassed in probiotic performance. UAS LifeSciences soon added more formulas specifically designed for adults, children, women, and people with special digestive needs. And, as their product assortment expanded, so did the need to develop new manufacturing technology to ensure the probiotics would remain stable and viable (so you get to enjoy the maximum benefits). So, in short, UAS LifeSciences probiotic experts mastered both the science and the art of producing premium probiotics. And they focus development and production on only probiotics because of the unique needs of manufacturing and maintaining their premium formulas. In fact, today they are tripling production capacity at their custom-built operation in Wausau, Wisconsin, one of the few dedicated probiotic facilities in the world.

Their Passion
As you can imagine, after so many years leading the charge in the industry, UAS LifeSciences is dedicated to “pushing the envelope” on probiotic production. It begins with formulation. As experts in the field, the scientists at UAS LifeSciences use only scientifically validated strains that have the innate toughness to withstand distribution and storage at less than optimum temperatures and maintain viability for over 24 months. And it is only these strains that will make it into UAS LifeSciences formulas. Then their product is made. They use a specialized blending technology to ensure the appropriate balance of each probiotic strain. During every step of the way, their quality process assures that the formula remains as originally intended. The blend is then further processed as capsules and powders–all processes that have unique requirements when working with live micro-organisms. Finally, packaging - their operation—both systems and packaging—is designed to deliver to you the most live and effective probiotics they can.

Today: A Bright Future
At UAS LifeSciences, they’re building on those trusted formulas that made DDS Probiotics a success by introducing a new brand of probiotics – UP4 A Happier Inside, Probiotics with DDS-1. New UP4 Probiotics have more strains, higher potencies and concentrated capsules all wrapped in delightful, customer-friendly packaging. After 30 years of successful use by millions of customers, their new UP4 probiotics are easier to take, easier to use, and specially designed for the unique needs of Every Body.