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Osem, parent company of Gratify Foods, always ascribed tremendous importance to the US kosher market in which it became active in the 1960’s. The company recognized the immense potential of its unique high-quality brands and products with their high-standards of kashrut, among this sizeable, diverse population, and it set its sight on breaking into both the kosher and general markets in the US.

This approach, together with the realization that their goals can only be accomplished through a local presence, led the Osem group to establish a US subsidiary in 1994 – Osem USA. The results were not long in coming: Osem USA is currently the most significant player in the marketing and distribution of Israeli food products in the USA, supplying goods to over 1,000 private stores and approximately 3,000 supermarkets across the US. Osem’s variety of quality and innovative products from Israel, which it distributes and markets throughout the US, created fierce competition for the traditional kosher food manufacturers that had been active in the US for years, forming the Israeli products into a new category all their own that stands apart from the traditional kosher products.
Although Osem USA specialized in the kosher and ethnic market, it is also the first Israeli company to sell Israeli brand-name products outside the kosher market, with an annual turnover of millions of dollars.