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More About Valentina's Home Brewed

When I was nine, I found an old book of gypsy spells my mother had left for me when she died. I quickly set about performing the spells with my friends. We baked little arrowroot cakes by a full moon, hoping to dream of our future husbands. These early experiments set off a life-long fascination with collecting old spellbooks, reverently sifting through and comparing the magical herb recipes and incantations and testing the spells in each book.

As I got older, I put together homemade spell kits as gifts for friends with boyfriend troubles or landlord troubles. Over the years I noticed that many of the herbs and plants used in old cures have been adopted by the pharmaceutical industry. The beauty industry has staked its claim on many other plants and fruits that have long been known to enhance the loveliness and youthfulness of our skin, hair, and bodies. But the herbs whose vibrations have been used to right imbalances in other areas of our lives have been ignored. I decided it was time to reclaim them.

With Valentina's Home-Brewed Spells + Potions, I am honored to bring you the timeless wisdom of herb and plant magick combined with the positive focusing power of ancient ritual, seamlessly adapted to modern life. I hope you will come to consider my spells and potions your rituals for life.