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Lily's Story
Lily is Chuck's niece. When Lily was seven years old, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Doctors operated success­fully, but the surgery to remove her tumor left her with some immobility. Lily spent months learning to walk again. Though she suffered some nerve damage, she held on to her sense of humor and through it all kept everyone around her entertained and amazed at her progress. Throughout her recovery at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, there was a shortage of electric wheelchairs. It made Lily sad to see kids having to wait for a turn to use one. When she returned home, she worked with her family to raise $9,000 for an additional chair. A couple of years later, Lily's cancer came back, but she beat it again, returning home months before her doctors thought it possible. Today Lily continues to amaze us with her strength and determination, spreading her example of love and courage through­out her family and to everyone she knows. Lily's commitment to raising money for kids with cancer is the definition of selfless­ness and compassion. To honor Lily and her bravery, we made her our namesake, and pledge a percentage of our profits to provide kids with cancer some of the services they need. We hope to ease their burdens by bringing them some joy and fun.