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More About Prabhuji's Gifts

Prabhuji’s Gifts (formerly Ramakrishnananda's Gifts), a manufacturer and wholesale supplier to global retailers, was founded by Prabhuji in 2001, with the inspiration to spread the magical power of fragrance along with the beauty of the Eastern spiritual wisdom, for the welfare of all.

Prabhuji’s Gifts supports Vimukti Yoga Mission, a New York-based, nonprofit religious organization that is home to a spiritual community, which was also founded by Prabhuji.

In various ways, the Vimukti Yoga Mission provides selfless service to others, a spiritual practice known as karma yoga. This includes: opening its temple doors to the community, offering online access to a wide variety of literature, video and audio lectures filled with spiritual wisdom, providing retreat grants as well as running humanitarian projects, such as: Ramakrishnananda Food Rescue Program, in which the organization feeds people in need, Ramakrishnananda Lifetime Pension, Ramakrishnananda Food Distribution Program in the Dominican Republic, Project Relaxation for War Veterans, Ramakrishnananda Green, among others.

When you buy our wide range of aromatic and spiritual products, you help support the spreading of the message of higher consciousness, peace and tolerance in the present world, through the ancient wisdom of Hinduism.