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More About Mad Gab's

We are a fun bunch of hardworking folks who have been making natural body care since 1991 when Gabrielle stumbled across a recipe for lip balm. It’s a funny story…

… that started when Gab flunked a math class at Umass, Amherst in 1991. While taking the class over (in order to graduate) she came upon a recipe for lip balm and thought it looked easy enough to make.

Armed with beeswax from her neighbor and supplies from a local health food store, Gab went to work in her mother’s kitchen. At first she gave it away to friends, but soon everyone was encouraging her to sell it in stores. So she did.

By Gab's senior year Mad Gab’s was in 10 stores and she was officially in business! Having come up with a logo, displays created from salvaged coffin wood, and finally figuring out some legal and accounting (again with the dreaded math!) issues, she was on her way. Or so she thought.

It turns out Gab didn’t really know what she was doing, so the year of 1996 found her in a business incubator called Gasoline Alley. Here she learned all about accounting, marketing plans, balance sheets, profit and loss statements and what it would take to earn a living selling her lip balm.

Gab completed her work at Gasoline Alley and headed to Maine with $40 in her pocket and a lot hope. She took on a 200 square foot space in Portland, and over the next 12 years built a great crew of fellow Mad Gabbers, plus a much longer list of products enjoyed the world over. We are now located in a 4500 square foot space in Westbrook’s Dana Warp Mill, where we make, ship and sell our wonderful products.

What started out as a solo journey in Gab's mother’s kitchen has become an unbelievable collaboration of talents and a wild ride with no end in sight!