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More About Nergia

America's Naturals created NERGIA (pronounced: EN-ER-GIA) for people who want more out of life but aren't willing to compromise to get it. A little extra energy will help you get through the day…but you're committed to watching what you eat, keeping it natural, and avoiding artificial sweeteners, preservatives and products with ingredients you can't pronounce…which is why we made NERGIA. NERGIA is simple to understand. It's 100% Natural Energy. Instead of using preservatives, we've pasteurized our product. NERGIA contains no high fructose sweeteners or artificial sweeteners, we use only pure and natural low and no calorie sweeteners. Frankly, we feel nature is pretty perfect so we didn't see a need to modify it.

NERGIA is 100% Natural Energy made from the finest Seeds, Berries & Bark on the planet.