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In 1994, Robin Barr had reached the last straw. A chronic cold sore sufferer, Robin’s outbreaks were growing in frequency and intensity due to job stress. Fed up with the embarrassment and flu symptoms that often accompanied an infection, Robin set out with hopes to create an herbal remedy that would help lessen the severity and duration, no matter how minimal the improvement.

After weeks of research and with her first batch, she applied a small amount to her lip where and when she felt the early warning 'tingle'. It seemingly prevented the cold sore from appearing, but she was not convinced it was anything more than a fluke. To her amazement, family and friends were achieving the same results. Within a few years, Cold Sores Begone™ was officially launched and started appearing commercially in health food stores and online. What started as a remedy for herself over 20 years ago, has grown to be trusted and relied upon by tens of thousands of people with the same problem. Cold Sores Begone™, previously a fluid remedy, is now Cold Sores Begone Stick™, a lip balm.

Soon, customers were requesting a remedy to help with painful canker sores inside of the mouth. In 2000, Canker Sores Begone™ was launched. Since then, thousands upon thousands of bottles have been sold to devotees in stores across the country and online. Canker Sores Begone™, previously a fluid, has now become Canker Sores Begone Stick™.