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More About Hellomellow

Hellomellow is the love child of tracy feldstein, a (brilliant, gifted, amazing) massage-therapist and healer. She is armed with an uber-extensive arsenal of knowledge, experience and education with bodywork therapies, essential oils, aromatherapy, nutrition, and progressive and alternative healing modalities.

With hours upon years (and years and years and years) spent kneading her clients’ bodies back into never-before-dreamed-of states of relaxation and balance, tracy became relatively obsessed (in a healthy, balanced way, of course) with concocting the cleanest, most supportive, nourishing all natural lotions, potions, butters and oils to use on her clients. With nary a thought of profit-margins or bottom lines (whatever those are), tracy started hand-crafting her own line of products made of the finest all natural ingredients, and nothing else – no fillers, no preservatives, nothing but ooey-gooey, yummy, creamy, soft, soothing, sweet-smelling, healing, and moisturizing stuff. When her clients, family, and friends started pestering her for her more, more, more, hellomellow was born.

For over a decade now, tracy has been blending her own all natural body products for herself, her community and her client base. now, with hellomellow, she’s making them available to the masses.