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More About Puroast

Puroast Low Acid Coffee traces its history from South America where the company’s founder developed a unique roasting technology. Puroast has spent many years developing and researching the “Lost Art” of roasting. The following paragraphs will help you understand how the Puroast Process was developed.

Kerry Sachs, a co-founder of Puroast Coffee and the inventor of the Puroast Process used a different approach to the science and art of the coffee roasting business. A unique combination of energy and roasting technologies produces coffee similar to the brew he discovered in Venezuela, a natural, smooth-tasting and full-bodied coffee.

The company’s product launch in the late 1990’s featured Puroast’s exceptionally smooth taste. Soon thereafter however Puroast discovered through consumer testing that people were able to drink Puroast and not suffer from the usual stomach problems. This prompted the company to engage researchers to determine what chemistry and health response differences there might be in Puroast as result of their proprietary Puroat Process. Both studies showed that Puroast provides a major benefit to consumers with acid reflux, heartburn and GERD 90% of consumers surveyed get symptom relief from acid problems and enjoy Puroast’s 100% real coffee taste.

Puroast Coffee Company, Inc. has developed, and has been selling since November 2005, Puroast Low Acid Coffee, a breakthrough product that combines great taste with 50% less acid. Our proprietary Puroast Process, roasting technology is the key; a variation in how heat is delivered to coffee during roasting produces this unique coffee brew. Puroast Low Acid Coffee has backed up these claims with credible research by Dr. Taka Shibamoto of the University of California at Davis. Puroast Low Acid Coffee's green and clean roasting technology was awarded the Seal of Sustainability by the Sustainable Business Institute of San Jose, California as well as given an award by the State of California for it use of a clean technology in the field of food processing.