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More About Salada

"Salada" was the name of a tea garden in India which was no longer in existence back in the early 1892 when Peter C. Larkin, world traveler and food merchant, founded the Salada Tea Company.  Larkin discovered the name "Salada" as he was thumbing through Thacker’s Directory of Tea Gardens.  The name immediately appealed to him due to its euphonious sound (pleasing to the ear), and possibly because of its spelling, which was very similar to Canada, the country of his birth.  As the Salada Tea Garden was extinct at that time, he decided to adopt it for his company name.  The tea itself was called "Golden Teapot Blend – Pure Ceylon Tea," and this appeared on the package along with the company name, the Salada Tea Company.  In the early days when grocers wanted more tea, they didn’t order it by "Golden Teapot Blend," but asked for "some more of that Salada Tea."  With such acceptance of the name, it didn’t take Mr. Larkin long to drop the "Golden Teapot Blend" name and adopt "Salada" as the name of his product.