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More About SolBites

Two Rivers Foods is the parent company of SolBites.  We are located in Lyons, Colorado (just north of Boulder) where the North and South Saint Vrain Rivers join together–much like the two spreads blending together in SolBites. Arn Hayden developed the idea for SolBites, after constantly perusing the snack food aisle for something healthy to eat and finding not  other than chips and candy bars.  Born of that frustration, SolBites was created.  Our mission is to add a little escape to your life, even if it is through a simple healthy snack.

Social Agenda
Part of the DNA of Two Rivers Foods is to help fight childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles.  It is not only our way of giving back to community, but also how we live our lives and what we are passionate about.  Each year we pledge to donate or support programs that fight childhood obesity and promote active lifestyles.

SolBites is passionate about reversing the growing trend in childhood obesity. While there are many causes that are worthy, we feel that we can help reverse the trend through food education, helping children make the right eating choices, and living an active lifestyle. By contributing to this cause monetarily and through education we can make a difference. Living a fun active lifestyle and eating great tasting healthy food is what SolBites is about.