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More About Xendurance

Xendurance is located in Carefree, Arizona.  Extreme Endurance has been in development since 2005. Xendurance’s goal was to develop an all natural, drug-free product, which would improve an athlete’s performance by improving aerobic threshold and lactate threshold. They also wanted to develop a formula that would reduce the “culprit” known as lactic acid.

Coaches, trainers and athletes around the world know you can increase athletic performance by increasing the intensity of training whereby you also increase the aerobic and lactate threshold. Xendurance wanted to think outside the “box” and develop a sport supplement to facilitate and accelerate the body’s ability to extend these important athletic thresholds. They also wanted to minimize lactic acid buildup in every athlete’s performance. Their goal was to encourage the athlete to “Do More”.

Xendurance also recognized that athletes not only benefit from performance products but they also need to protect their health and immune systems from rigorous training schedules. Xendurance continuously expands their product line with power-packed multi-vitamins, omega and joint formulas as well as protein and lactate drinks.