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The small town of Copperopolis, California is sleepy no more.  Local mom/business owner/entrepreneur Robin Dimiceli has set a new standard for coffee creamer!  Ripped Cream is the world's first healthy protein coffee creamer - a whole foods compliant, all natural, gluten free, protein delight!  Each serving gives you 50% of the RDI of Vitamin D3 and 11 amino acids.  The edgy branding shows a sense of humor and a big nod to the health diet and fitness world.  A variety of new flavors are coming, so try them all and "Get Ripped" with Ripped Cream!

Raising four kids as a single mom created a challenge: who has time for breakfast these days?  Robin began making Ripped Cream as her own keep-me-going concoction in a sippy cup in her kitchen.  Most flavored creamers are made with hydrogenated oils or trans fats.  Consuming trans-fatty acids incorporates them into your cells so your cells actually become hydrogenated.  Consequences include increased occurrence of heart disease, sexual dysfunction, weakened immune system, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and obesity.  Americans on the go should have protein within 30 minutes of waking up for optimum health.  Their bodies do not store protein, so we need to supplement.

No time for eggs or oatmeal?  Fuel your coffee with Ripped Cream, and without breaking your stride you have breakfast in a cup!  Americans consume over 123 million cups of coffee per day and nutritional supplements sales were estimated at 23 Billion dollars in 2010.  Despite America's trend toward healthy food choices, there have appeared to be no innovations in the creamer market.  New to the food industry, but willing to learn - Robin was clear about three things: her creation needed to be healthy, delicious, and hold the highest standards for ingredients.  Could it be done?  Just when you think coffee has seen it all, Robin Dimiceli introduces a new idea infusing a healthy start with you cup of joe!