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More About Raven's Brew Coffee

Long ago, far away, in a seascape of countless islands shrouded in mist and robed in dense forests, Raven’s Brew Coffee came into being. This place was the legendary Alexander Archipelago, also known as Southeast Alaska. The exact locale was the small and isolated town of Ketchikan, the rainiest inhabited place in North America. If there was anything to match the quantity of rain there, it was the number of trees, fish, ravens and the unfathomable, unquenchable craving of the local human denizens for rich and strong, hot, steaming, soul-warming coffee. Nothing excited their senses more than a proper cup of coffee and that coffee was Raven’s Brew. Its perfect balance engendered social harmony. Its freshness and purity matched the intense beauty of the natural setting. Its heat was the satisfying antidote to rain-drenched conditions, and it accentuated perfectly the sunny days.

No wonder that it was Raven who brought the gift of the ultimate elixir. It had been Raven who, in eons past, brought the gift of the sun to light the sky of the first peoples of that land. Now he brought the brew that lit the soul, and it was so welcomed that it soon spread all over Alaska and throughout the continent and even across the seas.

And there you have it, slightly mythologized and zoomorphed, but essentially the story of the Real Alaskan Coffee For Real Alaskans And Their Real Alaskan Friends. It is a story that continues to be driven by a fanatical love of coffee, coffee lore, coffee quality, and rare coffees. We are a company that strives to offer only coffees that will be an enlightening experience for the customer, and fair and just for the small producers of our unique coffees.

Raven’s Brew is now roasted not only in Alaska, but also stateside in Tumwater Washington, to better serve that vast market from a roastery that is identical to the original.