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More About Olivita

Harvesting olive trees has been the passion for our family for generations. We have committed to grow best olives for the finest olive experience and we have taken pride in making our own soaps since the beginning of our olive journey.

Today, our seasoned soap artistry team combines the ancient recipes with a modern twist to capture the benefits of virgin olive oil for your skin. By doing so, the OLIVITA beauty line creates the most enriching journey to “liquid gold,” how olive oil was characterized by the ancient poet, Homer.

The story of OLIVITA begins in a small town in the Ephesus region, in the eastern Mediterranean (Aegean), among sea of olive groves, where many generations of our family enjoyed growing and harvesting the best olives and making amazingly wonderful olive oil soaps for our own and close friends. As our family became more global, we have packed and sent our soaps to friends living overseas during holiday seasons. Later on, these close friends from US to Japan to Dubai (yes, we are blessed with great friends from all over the world!) started to ask us to send more virgin olive oil soaps as they were sharing with their own family and friends. Hence, OLIVITA virgin olive oil artisan soaps and personal care products come to life.

The olive trees of the eastern Mediterranean, the ancient traditions and techniques of the land have been the secret behind our soaps. Furthermore, Mediterranean life style has been the inspiration to create beauty and personal care products by staying true to nature and ancient local traditions.