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BeeAlive Fresh Royal Jelly is as close to nature as possible. The Royal Jelly used in our products is ALWAYS FRESH, never freeze-dried. Freeze-drying removes all the moisture from the product, thereby reducing it to a crystallized powder. Although working with freeze-dried Royal Jelly is much less complicated and costs less, we believe that the process of freeze-drying, which takes out this significant amount of moisture, compromises the quality of Royal Jelly. And, it has been shown that freeze-drying contributes to and accelerates the degradation of Royal Jelly over time. Royal Jelly is a very delicate substance and needs to be handled with care. At BeeAlive we treat Royal Jelly with the same respect that nature does. That's why, for all of our 28 years in business, we only use the highest quality fresh and never freeze-dried Royal Jelly in our Dietary Supplements.