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More About Epic Dental

Your products get sweet-sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener clinically proven to reduce cavities by up to 80%. We liked it so much and our friends and families liked it so much that we swooped up patents-pending on the delivery mechanisms for it. It’s also why we’re confident in offering cavity-free guarantee .

We’re a small, privately-held company. We were founded in 2003.

Umm … what else would you like to know? We like skiing and being out-of-doors here in Utah. We like clowns. We like puppies.

We like that you’re here reading this, too. Thousands of others were happily here before you. It’s still a little funny to us to type that, too.

Oh, and we love answering questions about this stuff. Honestly, our friends and family have grown a little weary of our overzealous passion for Epic Dental, xylitol, and smiling.